Virgin pa raw sa bakla!

AT ALL TIMES, there’s never a dull moment when you are having an intimate chat with the drama princess of TV5, Alex Gonzaga.

Since she is busy promoting the eco-fantaserye of TV5, Enchanted Garden, which is incidentally slated to rock the TV screen on July 16, our conversation focused on her own private “garden” which she openly admitted that hers is well-irrigated.

Now here’s the confusion. She affirmed that her private “garden” is well-irrigated but by whom? How can someone water her garden when we all know that at the age of 24, she is still single and never been touched. At least, that is what she is declaring?

“My garden is being watered by myself. Siyempre naman, inaalagaan ko ng mabuti ang garden ko, ‘no! hindi ko puwedeng pabayaan ‘yon kaya fresh na fresh ang flower. Hindi naman siya natutuyo kasi self-supporting,” she implied talking about her button.

But wait. You mean even the dynamic Kean Cipriano, her rumored ex bf, didn’t have the chance to water her garden? Kahit pisik-pisik lang? Hmmm, mahina pala itong si Kean, hindi marunong dumilig! Hahaha!

E, si Mart Escudero kaya na naging kapareha niya sa isang teleserye?

Well, if we are going to believe what Alex is saying hook, line and sinker, then indeed, her garden is truly enchanted just like her eco-fantaserye in TV5, pasok ha?

Kasuwerte naman ng lalaking unang makadidilig ng garden ni Alex. Talagang tumutok daw kami sa landscaped garden ni Alex, o! hahaha!


IS IT TRUE that Philip Salvador is just a victim of local politics as he is just being pushed to run and hopefully, grab the seat of Vice Governorship of Bulacan from the incumbent Daniel Fernando but because it is far from reality, he will only end up loosing for the nth time?

Surveys are out and apparently, walang kalaban-laban si Kuya Ipe sa matagal nang public servant na si VG Dan. Landslide ang result ng survey favoring the good Vice Governor and even the local media are against the intrusion of Kuya Ipe in Bulacan saying na hindi naman talaga ito purong kaprobinsiya nila.

Suffice to say that Kuya Ipe’s winnability as Vice Governor in Bulacan is like a snowball’s chance in hell. Malabo at impossible.

One issue even popped out asking where was Kuya Ipe when the tragic Ondoy devastated the province of Bulacan? The veteran star was nowhere in sight while Vice Governor Dan was in the flooded area, 24/7. His ubiquity in times of trouble is already tested by the Bulacenos even from way back.

We believe that Kuya Ipe is a good man as he treats everyone in the industry as his own kapatid. Kaya feeling talaga namin, naiimpluwensiyahan lang ang magaling na aktor dahil wala sa karakter niya ang mantapak ng tao lalo na’t kasama sa industriya.


INCIDENTALLY, there are issues popping out against Mart Escudero saying that once upon a time, he became a boy toy and every gay’s delight.

Oo nga’t matagal nang isyu ‘yon pero of late, may ilang bading na naman who are insistent on claiming na natikman nila si Mart.

He vehemently denied it saying na ilan lang daw ang babaing kanyang nakarelasyon kasama na ru’n sina Jennica Garcia, and believe it or not, he is also claiming na malinis raw siya at never daw siyang nagkaroon ng gay relationship.

You mean, marumi na ang isang guy kapag nagkaroon ito ng intimate relationship sa isang gay? Surely, our kapatid’s brows will rise up to the highest level dahil sa kanyang statement.

“Teka, baka may nakalusot na operada hindi ko lang namalayan?” he even said in jest.

Hay, ewan ko lang kung maniniwala kayo sa mga echos ni Mart. Mabuti pa, e, mag-promote na lang siya ng Enchanted Garden sa TV5 kesa sa kung ano-ano ang kanyang mga sinasabi na ikagagalit lang ng mga taga-LGBT world.


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