Women’s group stages cooking show protest in Mendiola

SOME 100 militant women today launched a cooking show protest in Mendiola near Malacañang to symbolize the State of the Women’s Address as part of the week-long protest before President Noynoy Aquino’s third State of the Nation Address on July 23.

As their symbolic protest, they wore a chef’s uniform while cooking the recipe. Their calls and demands needed  to live a decent life were put on vegetables in observation of the Nutrition Month to show how women ensure the right sustenance needed by women and the Filipino family.

Two other protesters wore a mask of Uncle Sam and  Aquino and will be pigging out the food prepared by the chefs. They will then swarm and heckle Uncle Sam and Aquino for depriving and cheating the Filipinos in the tuwid na daan.

The militant women’s organization cited the ominous situation under the Aquino administration such as lack of quality and affordable healthcare system, price hikes of oil and commodities, joblessness, continuous demolitions, implementation of K+12 program, discrimination and violence against women and children among others.

“Instead of addressing the needs of women and children, the Aquino administration is making a recipe for destruction by being consistent on its program to privatize social services especially public hospitals, pursue K+12 program, permit price hikes. These are but few of the concoctions made to aggravate the already dire life of the Filipinas,” said  said Gabriela-National Capital Region Spokesperson Ian Arevalo Arevalo.

“With Aquino’s continuous stance on pushing for this recipe for disaster, the women truly have nothing to expect on his third SONA. All his promises are nothing more but spoiled food. He has become the waiter of his U.S. master whom he is very willing to serve in expense of the families whose stomachs and rights are being starved,” she said.

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