Youth group condemns fraternity violence

THE national youth group Anakbayan, extends its deepest sympathies to the family, classmates, and friends of Marc Andrei Marcos, a first year law student of San Beda College who died of hazing injuries yesterday.

Vencer Crisostomo, the group’s national chairperson, said “it is more appalling that this happened five months after the death of Marvin Reglos, also a first year law student from San Beda College, also due to hazing.”

“We call on the authorities and all concerned parties to swiftly and decisively act to bring to justice the perpetrators of this most heinous of crimes,” the group said.

“We call on all student organizations and associations, especially all fraternities, to discard the usage of brutal, violent, and fatal hazing. Instead, student organizations should devote their time and efforts to providing community service, especially to the communities of the marginalized and the poor in urban and rural areas. We direct this proposal, not just to the San Beda community, but to all other universities and academic communities across the country, the group said in a statement.

“We in Anakbayan uphold the ‘right to organize’ as a very important right of every Filipino. However, it should not be used to let those directly responsible for the death of Reglos and Marcos as well as the involved fraternity, escape from the hands of justice. The ‘right to organize’ does not include the right to injure, maim, and kill,” Crisostomo said.

The group called on the fraternity’s alumni, as well as those of other fraternities, many are in important positions in government and society, to help in ending the barbaric tradition of Greek-lettered societies, once and for all.

Theg roup also called on the authorities to ‘leave no stone unturned top immediately identify, arrest, and prosecute the suspects of this dastardly crime immediately.

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