Youth group says Aquino accountable if GMA gets out of jail

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino should be held accountable if former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is allowed out on bail.

The Aquino government has failed to file strong cases of plunder and human rights violations in addition to special treatment in form of hospital arrest, Anakbayan said.

Why did it take several years for Aquino to file a plunder case vs Arroyo? Apparently, the arrest warrant for the plunder charge cannot still take effect, Vencer Crisostomo,Anakbayan National Chairperson, said.

Why are strong charges related to ZTE, human rights violations and cases related to Hello Garci still not filed despite various complaints filed at the Ombundsman?

The impending Arroyo escape days after SONA shows how hollow and empty the anti-corruption and good governance rhetoric of the Aquino government is. Quoting his SONA, we ask him: “Anyare? Forgive and forget na lang ba?”

Is Aquino deliberately giving Arroyo a way out? It is a not far out possibility that Aquino has made a deal with the Arroyos for their eventual escape. Let us remember that the Aquino and Arroyo families have a history of friendship and that they are from the same haciendero class.

Also, remember history: the ruling administration has always given the former criminal regimes a way out. This has been the case case for Marcos and Estrada.

The group said they will call for nationwide youth protests for accountability and justice if Arroyo gets out on bail today.

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