Youth group slams Arroyo bail, release

THE National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) is dismayed and outraged at former President Arroyo’s impending temporary release following the approval of her posting bail.

NUSP secretary-general Isabelle Baguisi cites instances like this as proof of how “impunity reigns and big bucks grease the wheels of injustice”.

“GMA’s impending release is frustrating especially because we know that this instance would have been avoidable had the case against her been filed properly and with proper phasing,” said Baguisi, referring to the rushed filing of the electoral fraud case last November 2011.

“How is it that the COMELEC and the Dept of Justice chose to file such a weak case? And one that is bailable at that? If the government is sincere in weeding out corruption, then it must have the political will to hold accountable even those who are considered most powerful in this country,” Baguisi said.

The Union stated that it “stands by its challenge to the Aquino administration to prosecute Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for all her crimes against the people”.

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