3 disappointing developments

THE first disappointment: Our failure to earn gold medals in the recently concluded London summer Olympics.

The Philippine team’s failure to earn any medal, even the lowly bronze, in the London Olympics is a symptom of a deep seated national malaise.

Truly, we are not just a nation economically overtaken by our Southeast Asian neighbors but people who have lost national pride.

Based on the International Olympic Committee records, Thailand was able to grab two silver medals and a bronze medal while Indonesia and Malaysia were able to snatch one silver and one bronze medal each. Singapore, on the other hand, took two bronze medals while we have a zero medal count.

Aside from having strong economies, these Asian countries respectively have strong national identities and rich heritage.

Apparently there is a relation between economic progress, national identity and the number of Olympic medal hauls.

Also, it seems that aside from economic progress, the strong national identity of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore also spawned a strong national pride.

It is clear that winning countries in the Olympics have correctly invested in the right sport for their athletes and made winning a matter of national pride for their athletes. For instance the poor countries of Ethiopia and Jamaica earned gold in several track and field events since the respective governments of these countries made it a point to invest heavily in training of their runners since their body builds are suited for short and long distance running.

As Filipinos our build is suited for soccer, badminton, fencing, shooting, swimming, chess, boxing or cycling and yet there is no national effort to make these sports popular. We insist on becoming basketball players despite of our height deficiency, hence the mystifying popularity of this sport.

As long as we are poor because of the inequitable distribution of national wealth, as long as we have a weak sense of national identity, as long as there is institutionalized failure to provide the right sustenance to our people, as long as we don’t have heavy industries to provide national wealth, as long as there is no institutionalized support, for family planning and as long there is national failure to prioritize sports we will always be mediocre performers in the Olympics. We will remain to be sport pygmies.

* * *

THE  SECOND disappointment: The politicians who recently accompanied President Benigno Simeon Aquino III in distributing relief goods during the height of the flooding that swept Metro Manila and other outlying areas underwater acted more like the politicos whom they despise. Apparently these people lack in delicadeza.

If there is really no way to avoid being with the Presidential entourage, it is humbly suggested by yours truly that they should not act like movie stars on the stroll in the park enjoying the adulation of their fans. Show empathy not wanton delight.

* * *

THE THIRD disappointment: Justice Sec. Leila De Lima annoying insistence to be included in the Judicial Bar Council short list of names to be recommended to the President as replacement of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Rightly or wrongly, Ms. De Lima you are giving the public an impression that you are power hungry. Ma’am, just do what you are doing right now. Stop badgering the JBC. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth so to speak.

* * *

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