Agri chief calls for a sustainable food sector

AGRICULTURE Secretary Proceso J. Alcala urged Cebuano farmers to adapt a sustainable farming system in their production areas.

“By fully implementing a sustainable farming scheme, the local food producers would be more competitive in their respective markets and thus earn bigger income from their agri produce,” he said.

Alcala issued the appeal during a series of stakeholder’s forum held in three municipalities in the province of Cebu from August 14-15, 2012 as part of the government’s mission of bridging the gap and touching the hearts.

He also encouraged the farmers to form groups to allow themselves to produce and yield more at very minimal individual costs and take advantage of the economies of scale.

“Dapat po ay malakihan ang tanim dahil napakalaki ng merkado,” he said. “Whenever you come together and organize yourselves into a group, you are able to share the production cost, share the hard work, and share the fruits of your labor,” he added.

“There is always strength in numbers,” he said.

The DA chief also encouraged the local farmers to meet with the agency heads of the DA in Region VII to craft a roadmap for various commodities to ensure that targets and interventions are put into place.

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