Campus press condemns frat violence

COLLEGE Editors Guild of the Philippines and youth organizations staged a candle lighting activity as they called for justice of an alleged hazing victim in front of San Beda Colleges (SBC).

“Our lawmakers and implementors should be more vigilant against hazing as many lives have been submitted to these irresponsible rites,” Anna Patricia Santos, CEGP Vice President for Luzon. Youths pleaded justice to be served for Marc Andrei Marcos, 1st year law student of SBC, and other hazing victims.

“We denounce these violent acts for it will not strengthen the values of the filipino youth but will only spread and popularize the culture of impunity,” she added.

According to Santos, the congress and senate should review the Anti-hazing Law or RA 8049 and the courts should be firm in punishing suspects to entail justice to the victims.

“Unrecognition of organizations will only worsen the situation of hazing related violence. What school administration should realize is that when fraternities and sororities go underground, they will be irresponsible of their neophytes, thus incurring more victims because they are not guided,” Santos said.

Meanwhile, National Deputy Secretary General of CEGP Marc Lino Abila encouraged youths to join more  activities that will render service to the community than spreading violence.

“Youths of our generation should spend time in community service like literacy programs, socio-political discussions and journalistic skills trainings and workshops instead of hazings, frat war and others,” Abila explained.

The candle lighting lasted for about an hour and was joined by SBC campus journalists, student leaders and professor who support the call for justice for all the hazing victims.

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