DTC unveils Android and touchscreen phones

DTC Mobile, one of the Philippines’ leading manufacturers of low-cost mobile devices, officially introduced its 2nd wave units, which includes a QWERTY phone, a touchscreen TV phone, and its very first Android phone.

Designed to ensure optimum mobile experience for users, each unit integrates innovative features with maximum ease-of-use, affordability and style.

Superior quality at budget-friendly prices
Designed by one of Shen Zen’s top 50 manufacturer, each DTC Mobile product is crafted to perfection by top-notch mobile engineers under rigorous quality assessments. The result: products that deliver beyond expectations, at par with global standards.

Taking customer satisfaction to heart, DTC Mobile products are made with individual budgets in mind. Retailing for well below the standard industry rates, the 2nd era units offer a chic alternative to steeply-priced smartphones in the market, while maintaining the premium quality that are distinctive of all DTC Mobile devices.

User-friendly experience
DTC Mobile’s 2nd era phones are engineered to integrate functionality and a superb user experience into daily living. This recent suite combines the comfort of the1st wave phones’ basic features with the revolutionary technology of today’s smartphones, including ultra-responsive touchscreen sensors, auto-installed social networking tools, enhanced audio and visual capacity, and stunning, lightweight profiles.

As in all previously launched mobile devices, all three 2nd wave units retain the dual-sim/ dual-standby feature, allowing users to simultaneously access two mobile network providers without needing to shut off from either one of them.

Experience unprecented performance at cost-efficient rates with DTC Mobile’s latest mobile offerings:

GT3 Astroid
DTC Mobile’s 2nd batch crème de la creme, the GT3 Astroid. Android touchscreen phone offers enhanced multimedia capabilities for ultimate sensory experience. Its massive 3.5-inch HVGA screen display delivers vibrant visuals, while providing smooth, vivid audio, be it through its built-in speakers or earphones.

Showcasing a sleek metallic chassis and a matte black rear finish, the GT3 exudes a professional, high-end look from every angle.

Wi-Fi-enabled, highly responsive, and operating on Android Gingerbread, it allows you to stay digitally connected and to access all the good stuff on your phone, all with a quick slide or tap of the fingertips. Easily navigate roads with online maps. Holler to your friends through Twitter, Facebook or YM. Download the latest applications, or enjoy pre-installed favorites such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.  Access your e-mail, or watch viral videos on YouTube. Your options are boundless.

Instantly capture panoramic shots, day or night, with its 5-megapixel camera with flash. Plus, with a 32GB microSD capacity, there’s ample room for photo and video opportunities.

Sporting a stylish chromic chassis, thin side profile and a mobile TV, the GT2 is visual poetry at its most glam. This Java-enabled touchscreen phone comes with fun Java games plus pre-installed social media applications including Facebook, Twitter, YM and MSN – all easily accessible through GPRS.

Its 3.2-inch resistive touch panel offers superb visual clarity and snappy frames – perfect for enjoying your favorite TV shows while on the go. Coupled with excellent reception and vivid stereo sound, GT2 makes an excellent entry-level TV smartphone.

Featuring a QWERTY keypad and alloy metal casing, the GQ3 is impressive both in aesthetics and functionality. Users can access the web in a fingersnap through WAP or GPRS, easily capture photos and videos with the 1.3-megapixel camera, and store up 2GB of files via microSD.

Made for the tech-savvy audiophile, the GQ3 boasts outstanding, crisp audio quality that indulges the ears. Built with powerful rear speakers, the GQ3 delivers unparalleled sound clarity and richness while listening to your MP3s, watching a movie, or playing pre-included Java games. Plus, enjoy hands-free phone conversations with the built-in microphone.

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