Honest NAIA-BI Intel

TWO intelligence officers from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) assigned at the NAIA Terminal 1 showed honesty when they returned a clutch bag containing money to at arriving Australian passenger.

In their report to Uso Dan Salasim, head of the BI-NAIA’s intelligence unit, intelligence officers Loreto ‘Orick’ dela Paz (left) and Gerry Calingacion said that at around 7 p.m. of August 21, they were doing their regular duties when they noticed a black clutch bag on the floor.

The two then proceeded to the carousel area to ask around and when no one claimed ownership of the bag, they decided to open it to look for possible identification documents where they found an Australian passport, other documents and foreign currency amounting to over 300 Australian dollar.

Calingacion and Dela Paz then proceeded to the paging area and requested the on-duty personnel to announce that such bag had been found. Minutes later, the bag’s owner, identified as Elias Tadros, an Australian national, appeared and claimed the bag, after showing proofs that indeed, he owned it.

He was then made to formally receive the bag, with its contents intact, and signed the necessary documents before it was released to him.

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