Kindness at its best

AT this time of calamity and crisis, it’s really inspiring and heart-warming to see our dear fellows extending the best they can to help hapless people who either were rendered homeless or trapped from the raging waves, spawned by the unusual south-west monsoon commonly known as “habagat,” that penetrated some areas particularly in Metro Manila even those less affected during typhoons and disasters.

Ignoring the danger to their very own lives, our endeared Kababayans would unselfishly help out those miserably caught in deep floodwaters and there were a number of similar scenes in Tuesday’s wrath as we’re all witness to the incomparable heroic deeds and kindness of many who obviously were not known or familiar with one another and yet they were there for others in dire needs. But wait, there’s still a great disparity or, more appropriately, inequality that we saw as only those who lent their hands to those in need had come from the same sector of society – the deprived and underprivileged.

How about these politicos and even those at the showbiz industry and yes those billionaires and millionaires who amass wealth because of the patronage of the masses and poor working class?

They, of course, couldn’t be expected to get their feet into the dirty floodwaters in a bid to help those literally caught in deep water, otherwise, that could be miscons-trued as mere publicity mileage bereft of real intention of extending support to the less-fortunate people.

They must know what to do in this time of crisis, at this time the poor need their help so badly but did they come out to show what they can? As we’ve known, they have their foundations that cater, according to them, to the indigents but, who cares, naturally they have these so that they could be spared from paying the proper taxes to the government.

Wise moves from clever businessmen.

They must invest more to the poor because for sure they would emerge to be of great advantage because what they give will return to them even 10 folds!

Pooling Resources

In the CAMANAVA area, the neighboring cities of Navotas, Malabon, Valenzuela and Caloocan have pooled their resources as most areas were inundated that triggered mass evacuation and prompted the mayors to declare their turfs under a state of calamity.

In Navotas, which nearly has 1,000 families that are being fed by the city government led by Mayor John Rey Tiangco at evacuation centers, had its employees and volunteers in the forefront extending help to the affected residents.

“Some were in charge of packing thousands of bags of relief goods while others were engaged in massive clean-up as the incessant rains and flooding left enormous garbage in the streets,” Tiangco says.

Except for an uphill one, 20 barangays were submerged in floodwaters for days in Malabon which compelled Acting Mayor Lenlen Oreta to declare a state of calamity which meant a release of funds to provide the much-nee-ded help to over 15,000 residents still holed up at various temporary shelters.

More help from the well-off please.

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