Lawmakers want culture, gender sensitivity program for students

LAWMAKERS urged the House of Representatives to approve a bill seeking for the establishment of a culture and gender sensitivity program for all elementary and high school students.

Ako Bicol Party-list Reps. Christopher Co, Rodel Batocabe and Alfredo Garbin, Jr. author of House Bill 6437, said the the proposed bill seeks to raise consciousness on culture and gender sensitivity starting at the crucial and early stages of education.

“Many private companies and businesses opt for a multi-cultural environment where different cultures and nationalities interact to create a symbiotic and creative work force,” Co said.

“Naturally, in this environment, there will be conflicts among people because of cultural differences and the variety of backgrounds,” Co added.

Co noted the prevalence among Filipinos of gender stereotyping and traditional thinking of biological determinism, which theorizes that biological differences between women and men dictate a difference in social roles and personality, even with a very strong campaign against gender discrimination.

“Women are still viewed as limited in terms of capabilities and capacities, and are shunned out in many professions, lessening employment opportunities,” Co said.

The measure also known as the Culture and Gender Sensitivity Education Act of 2012 shall raise the level of awareness of students on different cultures and the effects of these differences on relationships and communication with others.

Culture sensitivity refers to quality of being aware and accepting of other cultures while gender sensitivity is the ability to recognize issues and problems in the societies’ look at gender, particularly at how women act and how they are treated, as well as an understanding of stereotypes and how discrimination and gender roles hurt people.

All public and private elementary and high schools are encouraged to institutionalize culture and gender sensitivity training in all subjects and extra-curricular activities.

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