Mukhang ngarag at di blooming!

SEXY star turned politician Laguna Board Member Angelica Jones, who is 8-month pregnant, went stark raving mad on her Facebook account spitting venomous remarks against a certain councilor whom she is suspecting of cove- ting the father of her baby.

Sabi nga ng ilang friends from the industry, parang hindi Bokal kung mag-post si Angelica ng mga malicious per -sonal comments on her account but to be fair to FB maniacs, kung magrereklamo ka raw sa mga posts nila, e, ma -buti pang‘wag mong basahin dahil may right daw silang mag-post ng mga personal expressions nila, regardless if it’s going beyond the limit of propriety kahit na most of the time ay ginagawa na nilang personal diary ang kanilang social media account kaya ‘wag na nating basagin ang kanilang trip. Hahaha

Here are some of the controversial posts of Angelica, en toto:

“May mga taong walang konsensiya, walang kahihiyan, lahat ng lalaki, e, nilalandi, kahit sariling kaibigan, e, tina-traydor. Ang babaing walang kahihiyan.

“She is a flirt, a liar. She knows that I’m pregnant but she is still flirting with the father of my baby. I saw all her text messages.

“2 lalake ang dine-date niya, naturingang konsehal pa naman. It really hurts at walang konsensiya ang babaing ito,” she odiously said non-stop.

In a while ay bigla na namang umariba si Bokal Angelica sa kanyang mga posts expressing the development on her earlier abominable comments.

“Guess what? The girl called me and she is texting me right now. She is guilty. I didn’t mention her name then nagre-react….may karma ginagawa nila sa akin,” she declared with an ominous warning.

Hay, naku! The girl’s identity was not revealed but one thing is for sure, Angelica is trying to steal the limelight again through her great halloo. Close friend of Angie in the biz surely knows what she is up to. Hahaha!


Without a doubt, Charlene Gonzales is beauty and grace personified but we chanced upon a detrimental comment in a networking site where some of The Buzz followers observed two Sundays ago.

We were at the studio that particular Sunday where we saw her up-close kaya naman we couldn’t help but conform with an observation na medyo nagmukhang sobrang mature ang face ng asawa ni Aga Muhlach, far different from her optimal beauty some months back.

The not-so-good observation had worsened nang may nakapansin pa sa kanyang Sunday dress na parang costume ng robot kung saan nagmukha siyang taller version ni R2D2 of the famed Star Wars series. Hahaha! Hindi raw ito bu -magay sa kanya.

But of course, she still has the exquisite beauty save for that particular Sunday. To give her the benefit of the doubt, siguro ay medyo pagod lang si Charlene sa paglilibot sa Bicol in connection with the plan of her husband to run in the local election.

Perhaps it was just another bad day for Charlene. ‘Wag mo na kasing pagurin ang misis mong beauty queen, Aga, para hindi pumapangit!


Kudos to Mandaluyong Mayor Benjur Abalos and his group of creative staff for presenting Bilbiling Mandaluyong to the people because this project is bringing into the mind of every person in the city that fat is beautiful and in effect, developing the self-esteem and confidence of a fat woman. Remember, pride in oneself can make a woman more attractive.

Yes, a fat woman is not literally sexy despite her full figure but she’s actually sexy simply because she is comfortable with the fact that her weight is a part of her.

This yearly project of the city is spearheaded by the first lady of Manda herself, Menchie Abalos, who’s also a beauty queen way back.

Sana lang, this should also be the mindset of every woman in general especially in the biz para hindi na sila magpabawas nang magpabawas ng laman sa mga shark doctors na nagkalat. Hahaha!

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