My American Classic’s MTB Race 26 wheelset experience

I HAVE used the 2012 American Classic MTB Race 26 wheelset on my KTM Toryn Hardtail for a lot of training rides already since it was issued to us last June, this year 2012.

But it was only this August 18, 2012, that I was able to used it in a race.

The Lucban XC Naman 50km MTB race held in Lucban, Quezon offered a great race testing ground for my new wheelset because of the varying technical course that includes single tracks, muddy pits, rocky climbs, and fast downhill sections. It had long concrete roads too. In short, it had everything.

Going in to the race, I was very confident with my ride on this new “Amclass” wheels because it has been nothing less than awesome during our training rides.

And it being a tubeless wheelset (with Stan’s Solution), it gave me an assurance that I am better off against flats or punctures with this one.

That to me was very important because a flat tire almost always results to a loss in your record.

The race started on a 3km concrete road stretch with sharp climbs.

Here, I say I was fast because the Amclass was very light at only 1320g claimed weight.

It made me accelerate really fast because my Dad paired it with our favorite mtb tire, the Maxxis Crossmark 1.95.

The concrete climbs was fairly easy as well.

When I got to the trail, the off-road section, everything was just a breeze even on the slippery turns where I think this wheelset really shines because of its wider rim profile.

It felt like I was using a wider tire and not a 1.95 one.

The turns where more surefooted because of the increase traction it gives by being wider.

On the 300 meter long mud pits which were close to 6 inches deep, I rode thru it with more confidence than before because of the better traction and lightness of the wheels, and of course, countless hours of practice. Lol.

On the fast downhill descents, it was still awesome.

My finishing 1st Place in this race was due to a lot of reasons.

Good training and coaching, technical skills learned through the years of biking and racing, world class equipment, to name a few.

But I must say that, a good wheelset and tire combination is one of the most important factor in coming out with a successful race outcome.

This American Classic MTB Race 26 surely did give me an edge.


P.S.  If it was not for a faulty, newly installed rear derailleur, my time to finish the race would have been much faster.

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