Patrick dela Rosa in hot water once again!

HAS been actor turned politician Patrick de la Rosa is, again, in hot water because a graft and corruption charge is on its way to Sandiganbayan about the alleged kickback he collected which reportedly costs a huge sum of money from a realtor who built a cemetery in Calapan, Mindoro amidst the opposition of the majority of the people in the said province.

As the cliché goes, when money talks, everybody listens kaya talagang dumadagundong ang tsismis na tumanggap ng i lang milyong piso si de la Rosa para lma-aprubahan ang pagtayo ng sementeryo nu’ng siya ay nanunugkulan pa bilang Board Member nang nasabing probinsiya bago pa siya sinampahan noon ng rape case ng isang teenager.

Allegedly, de la Rosa was the one who spearheaded the lobbying for the approval of the said cemetery.

Not only that, it is also reported that strings of estafa cases are on its way too na isasampa naman ng ilang mga negosyanteng Pinoy na taga-America na allegedly ay niloko niya at kinunan ng malalaking pera as an investment kuno for a non-existing project in the province and according to our intel, the primary reason for pooling some funds ay para magamit sa upcoming election as he is said to be gunning for the mayoralty post in one of the municipalities in Oriental Mindoro.

This “has been” actor was charged of raping a teen-age girl way back and since time immemorial, he already established an image of promiscuity who indulges himself on sexual activities so often with different young teen-age girls. In short, pinanganak na malibog! Hahaha!

Naku, sana ay maging mautak ang mga taga-Mindoro. Gusto niyo bang magkaroon ng mayor na estapador at nangungu- rakot? Gusto niyo bang i-tolerate ang isang rapist at maging alkalde ninyo? I don’t think so!

Hay! siguro naman ay hindi bobo ang mga taga-Mindoro para iboto ang isang rapist. Hahaha!

Oo nga’t nakatsamba at nakalusot siya sa kanyang rape case pagkatapos niyang gumastos ng ilang milyon para ayusin ang reklamo ng bagets but remember, there is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.

Huwag naman masyadong makapal ang face kapatid!


KUDOS to the showbiz newbie Divine Lee because for all her aches and pains especially when the news about the huge amount of cash reward for her dad’s head came out, she still seems to be a happy person.

For a couple of times, we happen to watch her late night showbiz talk show Ang Latest, and she seems not to be affected with the business problem of her dad, Delfin Lee, who is now falling on hard times.

Divine can still project a feeling of euphoria on teevee which, obviously, is just a facade dahil alam naman nating wanted ang kanyang dad ngayon.

‘Kabilib lang dahil keri pa rin niyang mag-share ng mga blind items and entertainment news stories kahit na ma -bigat ang problema ng kanyang pamilya.

Sabi nga, the show must go on!


AS of now, we can conclude that nobody can beat the Buttered Prawns and Soup number 5 of Red Fish resto just along Visayas Avenue in Kyusi where the Tulfo brothers and Universal records executives frequently eat.

Aba, their courses are perfectly cooked by reliable Chinese and Japanese chefs of Red Fish kaya ganu’n na lang kasarap ang kanilang mga ulam who will absolutely be loved by food addicts kapag kanilang natikman,

Their Soup number 5, a soup made from bull’s penis, which is said to be aphrodisiac will surely conclude their night with naughty smiles on their faces. That is already tried and tested kaya thanks for the treat, sir Danny.

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