THE proponents of the anti-Reproductive Health Bill will go at any length to prevent its passage in even if it meant using God as a tool. It is pitiful that anti-RH Bill supporters would go so low to blame supporters of the controversial law for the monsoon rains that left several people dead and a swath of destruction in Metro Manila and other areas. They said with a straight callous face that “God” is angry because of the seeming passage of the population control law in Congress.

One such low blow was in the guise of a statement posted on line early last week by Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay after Congress decided to abruptly end the debate on the RH Bill. She said “heaven must be crying… we have to undo what has been done.”

Just wondering if Ms. Magsaysay and others with a similar mindset considered the possibility that the tears of heaven they are referring victimized both pro and anti-RH Bill  supporters,  killed a lot of people, some of whom does not even know anything about the raging debate, and damaged properties worth millions. Do they really believe this is the handiwork of a loving, merciful and just God?

I am surprised that in this day and age, and despite the Good News brought by Jesus Christ, there are still those who believed in an angry and vengeful god. Perhaps they are not referring to the Christian God, but to the pagan gods of Olympus worshipped by the ancient Greeks.

This kind of unfeeling statement is proof that despite the nearly 500-year mission of the Roman Catholic Church in our country failed to totally eradicate the pagan beliefs of a sizeable and influential few. To continue to attribute negative human characteristics like anger, jealousy, and selfishness to God during our enlightened age is nothing but outright arrogance or contemptible ignorance.

God has nothing to do with our current plight. The flooding is the result of our collective failure to do the right thing. We are suffering because both the rich and poor alike, and of course our past and present political leaders, took the environment for granted. We are suffering because we failed to be good citizens.

The relentless destruction of watersheds (which were turned to sprawling subdivisions and shopping malls for the rich or slum areas that became haven to criminal elements) and the absence/failure of government contributed heavily to this little hell on earth.

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