Sagot ng isang pulis

PARA sa patas na pamamahayag, bigyan po natin ng espasyo ang sulat ng isang opisyal ng pulis na ating napuna nitong nagdaang mga araw sa ating kolum. Naka-address po ang sulat na may petsang August 3, 2012 ni Supt. Rolando Bumagat sa ating Managing Editor na si Bb. Lydia Bueno.

Dear Madame Editor,

We are constrained to call your attention and give fair warning to you and your columnist, Ms. Lily Reyes, to desist from writing and publishing libelous articles against the undersigned which have appeared in your tabloid, the latest of which was on the 27th of last month.

Be warned that further articles which ignore libel laws and the tenets of upright journalism will break the patience and tolerance we have rendered you and your paper, compelling us to resort to filing appropriate criminal charges and claims for damages.

In the spirit of good police-press relations, we have been tolerant of the said articles which have maligned the person, honor and reputation of the undersigned, despite their grave deleterious effects on himself, his family (one of his children is in the seminary), friends, associates, subordinates and superiors.

It is so regrettable that such articles are based on hearsay, bereft of corroboration of proof, without the undersigned being given any chance to deny such malicious, slanderous, libelous and defamatory claims of your writer, which not only does not adhere to the sacred tenets of journalism; but also appears to indicate irresponsibility, uncivility and lack of fairness on the writer’s, publisher’s and editor’s part.

We hope you will give this warning serious consideration and spare yourselves the hardships of criminal and civil proceedings which will definitely institute upon another libelous article appearing in your tabloid.

Very truly yours,
Police Superintendent
Commander, Camp Karingal

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