Solon urges the creation of Department of Sports

A LAWMAKER today proposed the creation of the Department of Sports saying the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) has failed to improve and develop the field of sports in the country.

House Bill 6390, authored by Rep. Mark Aeron Sambar (Party-list, PBA) also recommended the abolition of the PSC once the new agency is created.

“After 21 years, the expected improvement and development in the field of sports under the PSC is still wanting,” Sambar said.

Republic Act 6847 created the PSC in January 1990 to be the lead entity that shall oversee, reform, and jumpstart the state of Philippine sports.

“The miniscule size of the country’s contingent to the quadrennial sports Olympics clearly underlines the lowly stage of our sports development,” Sambar said.

“The PSC failed to neither surpass nor even just approximate the many successes that the country attained in the field of sports with the likes of Akiko Thompson (swimming), Lydia de Vega (sprint), Elma Muros (track and field), Paeng Nepomuceno (bowling), Eric Buhain (swimming) and Efren Bata Reyes (billiards),” Sambar added.

Sambar also cited the lack of a comprehensive national sports program, obsolete training methods, the lack of state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment which are seen as the culprits in the country’s poor performance in various international competitions.

The bill to be known as the “Department of Sports Act of 2012,” will define the powers and function of the new department with corresponding funding provisions.

“Once the Department is established, sports would once again become
an integral component of youth development, a galvanizing force for
national unity and a source of national pride,” Sambar said.

“The Cabinet-level agency should provide the needed leadership in sports development in the country,” he added.

The bill likewise provides for the establishment of the Amateur Sports Development Bureau (ASDB), which shall be principally responsible for the promotion, and development of amateur sports in the country. TheGrassroots Sport Division and Local and International Sport Competition Division shall be created under the department.

The bill will also create the International Sports Development Bureau to be composed of the National Sports Association Affairs Division and the International Sports Competition Division.

The bill proposes P178.2 million funding to support the organizational and initial calendar year of operational expenditures of the new department.

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