Take a boat tour, Mr. President

PRESIDENT Aquino should make true his promise to inspect the P4.8 billion mega-flood control project for the CAMANAVA (Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas-Valenzuela) area that is long hoped for as the final solution to the perennial flooding problem in these four cities.

The project which was first started in 2003 and was supposed to be completed in 2007 was saddled with controversies.

To date, flooding has worsened not because of the heavy rainfall brought by “Gener” but because of inadequate anti-flood systems set in place by the government.

These pumping stations and flood gates have been proven to be inutile, obsolete and ineffective.

Water from the Tullahan River has overflowed in major thoroughfares, and as a result, it inundated our streets, paralyzed traffic and prevented our kids from  going to schools.

When the Tullahan River began to overflow, it is no-brainer for local authorities to use sandbagging in areas where water levels continued to rise.

Come on, in an age of modern technology, this sandbagging is the best solution our local leaders can think of.

Give us a break!

The Aquino administration should really seek the technical advice and assistance from the Dutch government to help us evaluate our current flood control system and assist us in drawing up a comprehensive plan hued to the success of the famous Dutch canals and waterways.

But we cannot just blame our government officials.

We also have a share in the worsening flooding situation in our towns and villages.

In fact, floods worsened because the garbage we indiscriminately throw away are now clogging our city’s sewers and drains.

One could just imagine how such tons of garbage have accumulated along the shoreline of Manila Bay.

The Metro Manila Development Authority needs to overhaul 48 truckloads of garbage from Manila Bay’s shore.

It is about time that the local governments in CAMANAVA area should seriously re-examine their waste management and disposal program, which includes a stricter ban on the use of plastic in market places.

Civic and religious groups should be enjoined to extend their cooperation and assistance in finding solutions to the flooding problem.

Dredging the Tullahan River will always be useless unless local residents are put to task for indiscriminately throwing their garbage in our rivers.

And before we forget, big businesses, esp. those who own fishing vessels, should be penalized for building structures that block the easy passage of river waters.

Some have in fact abandoned their rotten boats in the river. Yes, Mr. President, visit the mega-flood project as you said you will.

But please, with all due respect, take also a boat tour along the Tullahan River so that you can see the bigger picture why flooding in CAMANAVA area has not been resolved for several decades.

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