The tale of the petty power broker

PRESIDENT Benigno Simeon Aquino III, would be hard pressed to find a replacement of similar caliber to the late Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo who died in a recent plane crash off the coast of Masbate.

Aside from being multi-awarded because of his transparent style of leadership and known honesty, Robredo is a rare breed of a modern public servant. He never practiced traditional politics even if he had the opportunity to do so.

For instance, Robredo, instead of setting up a political dynasty like what traditional politicians do to perpetuate their hold to power, did not anoint his wife or any close relative as successor when his remarkable three-terms as Naga City mayor ended in 1998.

Instead he went to school abroad to learn more about modern governance.

Robredo, because of his unsullied legacy, returned to Naga in 2001 and again became a three-term mayor. It was after that term that he was plucked by President Aquino and appointed DILG acting secretary, a position he held until his death.

Despite his gargantuan accomplishments pulling Naga from bankruptcy and making it a modern livable city and the more than 100 awards, in-cluding the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, related to good governance, one wonders why his appoint as DILG secretary was not confirmed by the powerful Commission on Appointments.

Well, your guess is as good as mine, the specter of traditional politics. A powerful warlord from the Bicol region, where Naga is located, is said to have opposed Robredo’s appointment because he reportedly refused this petty power broker’s bidding when he was mayor of the now proud city of Bicolandia.

I sure hope that President Aquino could find another good man and pray that whoever would replace Robredo would honor his memory by continuing to practice good governance.

* * *

By persecuting the 159 faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila University for issuing a statement supporting the controversial Reproductive Health Bill, the Roman Catholic Church is shamelessly creating a rupture in the unity of the church.

The stubborn refusal of the Roman Catholic Church to see the light concerning issues related to family planning has turned off a lot of believers, especially those coming from the scientific and medical communities. The Roman Catholic Church’s position is totally untenable in the light of recent discoveries and in the face of poverty due to population explosion.

Yes, God is always with the poor but he never wanted poverty for his flock.

The coming Kingdom of God cannot be established on poverty but only on equitable terms. It is our sacred duty to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God by doing his will making this place (the Earth) livable for all nations.

It is unfortunate that despite the solid reputation it built through the years, by agreeing with the position of the Roman Catholic Church to persecute its own faculty, Ateneo has sunk so low that it could be safely assume that a mini dark age is setting over that school.

* * *

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