Work resumes today – Malacanang

ON THE basis of the best available information at the present time, and the recommendation and the forecast of PAGASA, the Office of the President will not issue a Memorandum Circular suspending work for government or the private sector today, August 8.

The public is therefore advised that work in national government offices and the private sector resume today. The declarations of some national agencies, such as the Commission on Audit, suspending work today, and announcements made by local governments concerning the suspension of work and classes in their jurisdictions, however, remain in force.

Occasional intense rainfall has been observed from 8PM last night to 1AM today, but it is projected to lessen within the day. Even as the situation remains of concern for so many citizens affected by the rain and flooding, it is imperative that we begin returning to normalcy as soon as possible.

This requires government workers to report to their offices to continue, and accelerate, efforts at rescue, relief, and rehabilitation. The private sector, too, needs to return to work. Goods and services must resume so as to speed up the repair of damaged infrastructure, the circulation of goods and supplies throughout the metropolitan area and other affected regions.

As we emerge from this emergency, let us bear in mind the many thousands of our countrymen who will continue to need our assistance and support. We call on our fellow citizens to continue to demonstrate the empathy, sympathy, cooperation and can-do attitude that have served us so well during this emergency. Continue to remain vigilant, and aware of alerts and advisories from the authorities, concerning the weather.


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