Youth group urges congress to review Anti-Hazing Law

YOUTH  group called on the Congress to start the review of the implementation of the Anti-Hazing Law following the death of a freshman law student.

Kabataan Partylist Rep. Raymond Palatino made the call as he condemns ‘this senseless and dreadful act of violence.’

“We condemn in the most strongest terms the hazing activities and the deaths that arise therefrom for breeding a culture of fear, violence and impunity in schools and universities, which are supposedly centers of free discourse, learning and progressive thought.

“We call on the members of the fraternity involved to bring to justice those who are responsible. We call on all fraternities, students, faculty, and the general public to extend greatest possible support for the immediate resolution and justice to the death of Marc Andrei Marcos,” the group said.

Last February , Kabataan Partylist filed House Resolution 2188 or the “Resolution Directing the Committees on Higher and Technical Education, and Youth and Sports Development, to conduct an inquiry on death of a San Beda College of Law Freshman due to alleged hazing and Review the implementation of RA 8049”

In 1991, the Congress of the Philippines passed into law RA 8049 or the “Anti-Hazing Law”, in response to public concerns on the conduct of hazing activities by fraternities, sororities and other organizations. However, after the above law’s passage, hazing activities had continued in the last two decades, which had resulted in numerous fatalities, without a single conviction under the above-stated law.

The group urged fratenities, sororities, and other student organizations to shun such act of violence and to channel their time, efforts, and energy to more pressing concerns of the youth and the country.

Fraternities, together with the rest of the youth, should unite against the true killers of their ranks – a social system that breeds human rights violations, poverty, and other injustices. The youth must work against this systemic violence, not contribute to its reproduction, Palatino said.

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