A lifetime of freedom

My apologies to my handful of readers for staying away for long.

The reason is the temporary hiatus of thought on what to write as all thought was diverted to issues of “national significance.”

To be specific, these are theses that would help the country achieve “a lifetime of freedom.”

To help write four theses almost all at the same time was energy-depleting; yet the thought of helping people achieve their dreams is exhilarating.

While on it, I had to deliberately snatch a few moments to get in touch with the real world to keep my sanity intact.

Aside from work and family, my only connection to the outside world was social media where I get to “like” and comment on the posts of my friends and acquaintances, like they do on mine.

In one of these instances, I was invited by broadcaster/journalist Ms. Arlyn dela Cruz to the launching of her auto-biography, entitled “A Lifetime of Freedom,” at the SMX MOA recently.

The book talked about her travails as a journalist, parti-cularly as a captive of the Abu Sayyaf. It eventually talks about her relationship with the group’s leader, Khadaffy Janjalani.

During yesterday’s book launch, Senator Loren Legarda wowed the audience for having vividly recounted what transpired as she helped facilitate Arlyn’s freedom from her captors ten years ago.

Senator Legarda said that among all the persons that she was able to help secure freedom from captivity, Arlyn was the most grateful.

The senator, accordingly, has helped set free ten (10) captive individuals in various circumstances and situations.

Since I have deadlines to meet, I set the book aside as I arrived home to be read as soon as I am done with as-signments.

I didn’t know that my daughter beat me to it, announcing early this morning that she was halfway through, and that she has never read a book as exciting as Arlyn’s and that far in one sitting.

I hope to be able to settle down and read it soon as possible.

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