Bela Padilla, multi-millionaire ang bagong boyfriend!

KAYA pala bloomingdale ang alaga ni Ms. Claire dela Fuenteng si Bela Padilla lately ay dahil sa super rich pala ang karelasyon nitong Mr. Neil Arce supposedly ang pangalan, a super opulent ice cream magnate who had an intimate relationship before with another Kapuso actress.

Nevertheless, wala namang bad blood na nag-i-exist sa pagitan ni Bela at ng Kapuso actress dahil matagal nang tapos ang episode ng mga ito when she entered the picture.

Anyway, career-wise, superfab pa rin ang beauty ni Bela for the simple reason that GMA is now giving her a solo project that would highlight not only her acting potentials but her innate sexiness as well by way of the afternoon soap Magdalena where she has a bevy of good-looking guys for leading men.

Sosyal, di ba naman?

Tipong the best of both worlds!

Blooming ang showbiz career, otra vez, senorita ang lovelife. Hahahahahahahaha!

Sana lang ay huwag namang magbago si Bela ngayong unti-unti na niyang natutupad ang kanyang mga pangarap.

Dapat, the more you experience success, all the more that your feet should be rooted firmly on the ground, lest you experience bad karma. Hahahahahaha!

Think about it, girl. Everything in this world is fleeting and transitory including your satiny skin tone and beauty, it is best to maintain a sound disposition while the goings are still good.

Kung lalaki ang ulo mo, (na ang sabi’y tipong unti-unting nangyayari na raw) baka hatawin ka ng bagyo at dal- hin sa faraway island of Timbukto.

Would you want it to happen, dear?  Hahahahahahahahaha!

Heed my advice and you’ll go places. Make your head swell and you’re bound to experience failure of the most obnoxious order.

‘Yun lang!


Vice Gob. Daniel good karma dahil may mabuting puso!

SA panahon ng taghirap at peso devaluation, tulirung-tuliro talaga ang mga tao kung papano pagkakasyahin ang kanilang kakarampot na kinikita.

Ang mga reporters ay di rin naiiba kung pagdarahop ang pag-uusapan.

Iilan lang ba ang publications at di naman uubrang i-accommodate silang lahat.

Ang ending, marami talaga ang unemployed at di gaanong kumikita.

It’s a good thing that we have a good, kind-hearted guy like Vice-governor Daniel Fernando in our midst who truly understands the sad plight of most entertainment writers.

Kapag napadadalaw kami sa kanyang opisina sa Malolos, Bulacan, maraming familiar faces talaga kaming nakikita roon na tunay namang matiyagang naghihintay sa kanyang availability.

It’s a good thing na sa abot ng kanyang makakaya, VG Daniel tries to share with them the blessings that he has.

And for us, that’s a most humane actuations or doings.

Mabuhay ka, Vice, sana’y lalo pang dumami ang blessings mo para may naisi-share ka sa mga taong nangangailangan.


Miss Silka hataw talaga!

HATAW sa endowments at beauty ang candidates na iprinisinta sa entertainment press barely a week ago sa isang venue sa Kyusi.

Honestly, the bevy of beauties who competed for the Miss Silka Metro-Manila are really fine-skinned and beautiful, apart from being fairly articulate.

Nagkaroon na pala sila ng Grand Pageant last September 14 at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

Said event was hosted by model/teevee host Steve Patrick and Miss Silka 2010 Grand Winner Imee Hart who co-hosted for Wiltime Bigtime in 2011 and has starred in as one of the main cast in TV5’s revival of Bagets.

Anyway, the winners will represent Metro-Manila in the Grand Coronation Night of Miss Silka 2012 sometime in November.

Incidentally, the pageant continues with the search for Miss Silka  Cavite, Laguna and Batangas.

Miss Silka Metro-Manila is a jumpstart production with Executive Producer Wheyee Lozada, Marketing Director John Jimenez, and Pageant Director Robin Jose.


The unfading machismo of Cesar Montano

SA tuwing makikita namin in person si Mr. Cesar Montano, talaga namang di namin mapigilan ang humanga sa kanyang unfading macismo na mid-80s palang ay humahataw na. Hahahahaha!

But look, honey. Practically most of his contemporaries are now into delineating supporting roles but the Great Cesar M. is still very much a celebrated leading man.

What could be the secret of the actor of the maindie movie Biktima that also topbills the Amorosa star Angel Aquino and the much sought-after brown-skinned bombshell Mercedes Cabral?

“I’m not into meat diet anymore,” he asseverates at the presscon of their maindie movie. “Mas gusto ko ang fish at vegetables and I’m into regular workout at nagdya-jog rin ako if I have the time.”

Health-conscious na pala ang papa ni Sunshine Cruz kaya naman the years are not, in any way, mirrored on his handsome physiognomy.

Anyway, naiiba ang atake ng direktor na si RD Alba sa kanilang pelikula na four shooting days lang pala ang itinakbo, apart from the location hunting and the pre-prod aspects of the movie.

Malaking factor siyempre ‘yung sa Bohol lang sila nag-shoot at on call pala-palagi ang mga artista.

Kay Cesar pa rin, marami ang humuhula noong hindi raw magtatagal ang marriage nila ni Sunshine Cruz but look,honey, the duo are now celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary and according to Cesar, parang one year palang daw silang nagsasama and he’s looking forward to many years of marital bliss with his wife.
Ang ganda naman!

Palabas na nga pala on September 19 ang Biktima kaya go tayo sa pinakamalapit na sinehan and witness the well-crafted movie dramatically unfold right before your very eyes.


Huwag nang pag-awayin pa sina Ate Vi at Mama Guy!

QUEENSTAR Vilma Santos is definitely on a stage when she doesn’t need cheap gimmicks anymore to further her showbiz career. The Bicolana Marvel Ms. Nora Aunor, on the other hand, has been able to prove her resilience as an actress and versatility, too, many times over!

So, why do some people love to write some biting diatribe against them when it’s easily discernible that in as far as the two titans of Philippine cinema is concerned, their fierce rivalry that has spanned almost five decades is now practically a thing of the past?

Patahimikin na natin sila at huwag ng bukalkalin ang mga issues na wala rin namang maitutulong pa sa kanilang dalawa.

‘Yang mga paglakad daw ng acting award ni Ate Vi, kung totoong nangyari nga (kung totoong nangyari nga raw, o! Hahahahahaha!) ay matagal nang isyu at wala namang kinalaman roon ang sikat na aktres.

What’s most important is Ms. Vilma, through the years, has been able to prove to all and sundry her mettle as an actress, along with her awesome versatility.


Tigilan na kasi ‘yan dahil, tulad nang sinabi namin, wala namang kahihinatnan at magandang ibubunga.

Vilma will always be the topnotch actress that she’s always been, in the same breath that Nora will forever remain the phenomenal superstar that she’s always been from way, way back!


Patang-pata na si Kuya!

DATI-RATI, oozing with machismo and sex appeal ang young actor na ‘to.

This was prior to his moving out of the network he used to be under contract with and moving into the network that he’s now an integral part of.

His stock in trade then was his bulging crotch that was seemingly perpetually hard and ready to fight.

Surprisingly, it was when he moved out of the network that he grew up into that he started losing weight and
projecting that seemingly spaced out look. Hahahahahahaha!

Why is that so?

Is he into drugs?

No naman daw.

Why is he then becoming slimmer than necessary and looking listless and bone tired? Is he another Sam Milby? Hahahahahahahaha!

No furhter comments! Hakhakhak!

Anyhow, I guess he needs to take some respite in what he’s currently quite ‘busy’ with if he wants to maintain
his sturdy body and palpable sex appeal.

Imagine, isa siyang certified dkota pero tawanan ang working press dahil wala na raw ang kanyang prominent bukol at parang patang-pata na siya ever. Hakhakhak!

Remember, honey, anything, when carried to an excess, is not good!

‘Yun lang! Hahahahahahahaha!

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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity. Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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