Child rights advocates back Casiño’s 2013 senatorial bid

CHAMPION of children and people’.

This has been the portrayal of the child welfare group, Akap Bata Party-List, to the three-termer legislator, Rep. Teddy Casiño in a press-conference today in Manila before the public announcement of Casiño’s senatorial bid for the 2013 midterm elections.

The group said that they are fully supporting the candidacy of Casiño’s and that they will actively campaign for him.

Akap Bata Party-List made their statement today by giving Casiño teddy bears as symbol of gratitude to his dedication and love for every Filipino child which were expressed in his 9 years in public office.

The group explains that as teddy bears signifies every parent’s intention to nurture their children, Rep. Teddy Casi?o will surely raise the inheritors of our society to become better and progressive citizens of the country.

They also stress that Casiño’s long-term dreams and aspirations for national industrialization, agrarian reform and social justice will clearly serve for our future generation.

The group also mentioned that Casiño’s proposed bills for the junking of VAT and oil deregulation law; opposing budget cuts and privatization of hospitals; and many other pro-poor programs will directly benefit poor Filipino children.

‘Being a fighter of the marginalized, Casiño also proves himself to be an advocate of children as well, for the majority of our young Filipinos came from poor families that Casi?o served for many years now,’ says Arlene Brosas, national secretary-general of Akap Bata Party-List.

Brosas added, ‘Casiño also embodies every single typical and loving parent to their children for he himself is a father of two boys. We are sure enough and can attest that he can also be a good and responsible father of every Filipino child if he will be elected as senator on May 2013.’

The groUp said that they have worked with Rep. Casiño on various occasions for children including their feeding programs, advocacy campaigns, legislative efforts and the like.

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