Christian, Muslim slam gov’t. failure to end impunity

CHRISTIAN and Muslim students led by the Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP) lit candles to commemorate Filipinos who lived and died in the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship.

“We pay tribute to our people who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom and social justice. The youth remember their great sacrifices and vow to carry on the fight for rights and welfare of the Filipino people.” said Einstein Recedes, SCMP national spokesperson

In PUP, students held a program where they lit candles in defense of the right to quality education. While UP’s sunken garden was also filled with students who lit candles forming the word justice to demand for the long overdue justice for all the victims.

The groups also denounced the Aquino government’s failure to bring justice and inability to end human rights violations and impunity. SCMP further explained that after 40 years since the formal declaration of Martial Law, victims are still crying for justice.

“The government’s ineptness to uphold human rights is a dishonor to our martyrs and people. The best way to bring justice to their great sacrifice is to put an end to social injustices and the culture of impunity in our country.” Recedes added

He added that the SCMP will hold series of forum and discussions in schools and communities, to educate the youth on the current crisis of the nation and the importance of the youth’s active participation in the struggle for genuine justice and social change.

In addition to this, the group will also be preparing for next week’s week-long protest to strengthen the fight for the right to free quality education, justice, and genuine democracy.

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