Closet anti-democrats

THE Cybercrime law could be the death knell of democracy as it is known in our country if not rejected by the Supreme Court as soon as possible and the latest proof that some of our “lawmakers” are either arrogant, nincompoops or just plain lazy.

This encompassing law had the hallmarks of a totalitarian system of governance and completely against the spirit of the 1986 EDSA Revolution. The Cybercrime law not only overturned the principles of criminal law as regards jurisdiction among others, it also trampled on the constitutional prohibition against the passage of ex-post facto law (alleged libelous materials posted in the internet prior to the passage of this law are still subject to its provision).

With one fell swoop of a pen, the authors and lawmaker supporters of the Cybercrime law constricted the democratic space and turned back our time to an era where might is right. All of these despite the presence of “brilliant” legal minds in Congress.

I know for a fact that had a number of these lawmakers, who supported this trampling of our liberty, only closely read the provisions of the Cybercrime law this archaic rule would not have come to pass. Because of arrogance or sheer incompetence of some of our senators the anti-libertarian faction of Congress was able to ram this despicable piece of legislation on our throats.

The only saving grace of this law is that it exposed to us, the prin-cipled stand of Sen. Teofisto Guingona III on this issue and surprisingly, albeit unfortunately, the anti-democratic nature of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, and the unthinking cabal of their allies in congress and government.

Now it is clear to me why the president and his lieutenants in congress are reluctant to push for the passage of the decriminalization of libel and the Freedom of Information bill. They are closet anti-democrats.

Senator Francis Escudero admitted his mistake in supporting the Cybercrime law as proposed by Sen. Edgardo Angara and amended by Sen. Vicente Sotto III. He vowed to repeal the unpalatable provision of this totalitarian inspired law saying this move is consistent with his support for the decriminalization of libel.

I nearly fell of my seat. What is this guy, who is supposedly a brilliant lawyer, talking about? Really, you will work hard to remove the controversial provisions of Republic Act 10175? So are you admitting that you are not reading what you are signing? If so that is scary.

Unless the high court, now led by an Aquino appointee, im-mediately overturns this law or its controversial provisions for being unconstitutional and stops its implementation, we will suffer the consequences of the recklessness of Chiz and his fellow supporters of the Cybercrime law for quite some time. (Please continue reading at

How I wish I could laud his admission of mistake.

This is a time when I cannot do anything but express my admiration for the dedication of Sen. Enrile, Angara, Sotto, Honasan, Lacson, Trillanes, Villar, Marcos, Estrada, Lapid, Santiago and other like minded law makers in furthering their agenda. Although I don’t agree with them in this and many instances in the past, they are firmly living out their fundamental beliefs unlike the so-called liberal senators and politicians whom I now suspect to be all along are allergic to liberty.

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