Communist rebels in Negros call for justice for all victims of RPA-ABB gang

COMMUNIST rebels in Negros called on all people knowledgeable in the murder of Judge Henry Arles of Kabankalan City to come out and help in solving this heinous crime as they warmly congratulate the Arles and Britannico families in their brave fight for justice for the death of a righteous, honest and model judge.

Andrea Guerrero, Spokesperson, Armando Sumayang Jr. Command NPA Southwest Negros, in a statement said
“The involvement of the ‘Revolutionary Proletarian Army’ (RPA) in the murder of Judge Arles is an expected development as they are mercenaries and bandits. In fact, their being goons-for-hire has become their main source of livelihood, being hired by politicians like Marañon and Alvarez and some landlords in order to suppress and oppress the peasants’ struggle for genuine land reform. In exchange for money, they are involved in the murder of some peasants in their struggle against despotic landlords.”

Cases of landgrabbing in Ilog, Kabankalan City, Cauayan, Hinobaan and Candoni by the RPA especially by Marvin Salve, Nelson “Rustom” Poro, Elmer alyas Amor, Tibo, Tol, Sardo and others are rampant. They take advantage by declaring the peasants’ land conflict in “status quo”. Meaning, both the accused and the accusing parties can not till the land. The RPA would then take advantage of this situation by cultivating the “land in conflict” until later their families (RPA) claim ownership of the land, the statement said.

Why are cases of hold-up in the City of Kabankalan, Ilog and Cauayan remain unsolved? It is because the RPA are the main culprits here, aside from the involvement of some hold-up groups, in cohorts with a Brgy. Kagawad (village councilor) of Brgy. Tabu, Ilog and some detachment commanders of the 12th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army in Southwest Negros, Guerrero said.

Guerrero identified the group of Nelson “Rustom” Poro and Marvin Salve, and six other elements of the RPA bandits responsible for the hold-up of a Brgy. Kagawad of Brgy. Canlamay, Ilog where they carted away P40,000.00. They are also responsible for the hold-up (P100,000.00) of a businesswoman in Brgy. Tabu, and the ransacking and hold-up (P80,000) of a family in Ilog. And their last operation was the hold-up of a “comprador” in Kabankalan Stockyard where they carted away P450,000.00. These are only a few among the many victims of RPA-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB), Gurrero said.

By the command of their ambitious National Commander Stephen Paduano alias Carapali Lualhati, aspiring to become a traditional politician (trapo) together with their spokesperson Victorino Sumulong, they strip off and expose themselves as roving rebels, bandits and mercenaries.

Surely, the P33 million from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) intended supposedly for the reintegration program and development projects of the RPA-ABB, will go to the individual pockets of Veronica Tabara, Carapali Lualhati, Victorino Sumulong, Rustom, Marvin, Elmer and others. On the other hand, we are sure that this would be a cause of their future squabbles. They are like hungry Askals (asong kalye) bullying each other for a piece of bone!

The group urged the family Arles and Britannico to investigate further because Rustom Poro and Marvin Salve have pending Warrants of Arrest which the police authorities maliciously fail to serve.

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