Give me allowance, will give you love!

THE chain of events of the “give-me-allowance-will-give-you-love” saga of this promising young actress and her benefactor continues.

Our nosy intel who happens to be always beside the benefactor, 24/7, squealed that Mr. Lawyer had forgiven her lovie-dovie (their term of endearment) for her coquettish moment with Papa DJ but not without a dead-serious deal.

Of course, it is inherent for a lawyer to push thru with a certain relationship with a binding agreement or what for is his being a famed lawyer of celebrated crooks for nothing, ‘di ba?

The young actress’s obliger gave her an agreement that in any circumstance that they see each other, regardless of the time and the place, the benefactor has the right to check and scroll down her cell phone without hearing any complain.

In addition, the benefactor also has the right to call any contact in her cell phone that he deemed suspicious.

And if all these agreements will be breached, then the weekly dole-out amounting to P100,000.00 will be suspended and will only resume depending on their horse trading. Hahaha! Shrewd lawyer indeed!

On the other hand, sabi naman ng “love consultant” ni benefactor about the weekly dole-out, “this lad is a cute blood-sucking parasite!” Hahaha!

Again, this is according to the account of our intel. Interesting real-life teleserye! Let’s just wait for the continuity, soon!


FOR any theatre habitué, the name Marife Necesito is an old stager because she has been working on stage production and acting at the same time for years.

She has done TV and film projects with obscure roles, not after the international film Mammoth where she played one of the lead cast opposite the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

Currently, Marife plays an essential character in the indie film Ang Misis ni Mayor (international title: The Corruption of Melba) with the sexy actor, Marco Morales as her husband.

The movie is a political drama where her role is extremely valuable to the characters of her first husband (Bong Cabrera), a farmer, and the transformation of her second hubby, Marco.

Very intriguing raw ang love scene nila ni Marco sa pelikula that it is important for us to watch it. Ganu’n?

Direk Archie del Mundo is planning to exhibit this film on international film festivals and hopefully, to let movie critics rave and get positive reviews. Break a leg!


WITHOUT exaggeration, we can see the fire in the eyes of this newbie, Raymond Manuel. His passion in singing and acting is clearly apparent in every gesture and motion he is making which is extremely vital in making it big at the local entertainment scene.

Star builder German Moreno, as always, is giving him a pillar of support through his long-running program in Kapuso network, Walang Tulugan ni Master Showman as one of his co-hosts.

Kuya Germs everyday radio program at DZBB is also open for Raymond whenever he needs it.

Raymond tasted his baptism of fire when he played a vital character in Panday 2 last year that was starred in by the actor/senator Bong Revilla. And if lady luck will come to Raymond’s side, he might land a better supporting role in the MMFF entry of Sen. Bong and Bossing Vic Sotto’s movie Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Si Ako.

But of course, Raymond is not on a rush. At eighteen, he, certainly, has all the time in the world to make his presence felt in the celluloid world.

Anyway, this kind of business is always hungry for a new blood and Raymond Manuel is surely a breath of fresh air. Promise!

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