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COMMEND Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Rico Puno for resigning his post after mounting public criticisms over his unfortunate actions a day after the plane of his boss, Secretary Jesse Robredo, was reported missing.

Puno led a team of policemen on Robredo’s DILG and National Police Commission offices purportedly to secure some important documents the following day after the secretary’s plane was reported missing off the coast of Masbate City on Aug. 18. He even tried to enter the secretary’s condominium units but was prevented from entering by household helpers.

It turned out that Puno is one of the subjects of Robredo’s investigation in connection with several alleged anomalous transaction in the PNP. Puno’s actions thus were deemed suspicious by the public even though President Benigno Simeon Aquino III later revealed that it was he who directed him to secure Robredo’s offices.

This is not the first time that Puno resigned from his post. Immediately after the Rizal Park hostage fiasco where eight Chinese tourists were killed and several others wounded following a botched rescue attempt by the Philippine National Police on August 23, 2010, he tendered his resignation (now that is delicadeza). The President, who is a close friend, rejected Puno’s resignation.

Regardless of what political pundits say, Puno’s resignation set an example for other troubled government officials to follow. It also showed that not all public servants are leech-like as there are those who could let go of their government post when public interest is at stake.

Although I don’t discount the possibility that Puno’s resignation is part of a grand attempt to cover-up some alleged questionable deals in the DILG and the PNP, as of this moment this is mere speculation. Good job.

* * *

Another government official that I commend is Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista who yielded to public clamor to remove all traces of epal (obnoxious) politicking in the city. He ordered the removal of all signages bearing the names and initials of politicians, including his, in the city.

We all know that these tarps and advertisements by politicians announcing support for a particular cause or event, completion of a sponsored government project or even simple greetings for graduating students are cheap gimmicks to remain in the limelight.

Not only these cost a lot of tax-payers money, it is nauseating and anti-aesthetics. With Bautista’s directive only a callous politician or pul-politico would continue to post nonsense announcements all over his area of jurisdiction.  Good job.

* * *

While Puno and Bautista did the right things, the people are still waiting whether Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. would do the same after two high profile fugitives, among others, managed to flee the country through the country’s premier airport.

The incident is so embarrassing that President Aquino personally berated immigration personnel on its 72nd anniversary celebration. This awkward incident also jeopardized the credibility of Philippine immigration stamps on our passports.

Fugitives former Palawan Governor Joel Reyes and his mayor brother Mario, who are facing murder charges, reportedly escaped to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam via the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last March using aliases.

A syndicate in the immigration department allegedly facilitated the escape.

The Reyes brothers are suspected to be responsible for the January 2011 slaying of environmentalist and radio commentator Gerry Ortega.

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