Group slams demolition of shanties in Muelle del Banco

SOME 68 families were left homeless when demolition team accompanied by police and SWAT teams allegedly arbitrarily and demolish houses in Muelle del Banco compound in Sta. Cruz, Manila Friday, August 31. 2012.

According to residents of the compound, the demolition team were unable to produce any demolition order or permit. When asked to show proof of legality by the community head, Joey Flores, the police illegally arrested and detained the leader instead.

Reports received by youth group Anakbayan showed that residents of the compound
complained of theft committed by the policemen and the demolition team. They reported seeing police and demolition men carrying away their valuables while the demolition was on-going.

“Natural disasters are not the only calamities destroying our fellow Filipinos’ home,” says Vencer Crisostomo, chairperson of youth group Anakbayan.

“There is something worse than a natural calamity destroying homes and that is knowing that there is a systematic, state-sanctioned program ‘blasting’ away the homes of the poor and marginalized,” continued Crisostomo.

“What kind of government allows for such treatment of its people? Clearly, this is already an attack on people’s basic right to have a home. There has been wave after wave of demolitions during Aquino’s regime, and most of these demolition jobs are only for the profit of private entities planning to make more money from the land,” says Crisostomo.

“Let us not forget the Silverio Massacre. Let us not forget the demolition at Corazon de Jesus. Let us not forget the death zones knows as “relocation sites” where most of those from these areas are left. Under the Aquino administration, basic human rights such as housing are clearly under attack. And with this situation, the Filipino people obviously have no choice but to mount a counterattack.”

“This administration can definitely expect the youth to rise up and register our strong protest against this in the coming days,” Crisostomo said.

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