‘Guy’s a fraud’

SEN. Antonio Trillanes IV could kiss his senatorial ambition for next year’s election goodbye after he showed his true color that disgusted not only influential political leaders but also, most importantly, the Filipino people.

He was called by many mean names, describing him as a “fraud”, a “liar”, an “opportunist,” and a “swell-headed” and “ungrateful” guy that would surely leave a lasting mark in his unimpressive military career and lackluster Senate stint.

Trillanes’ biggest fault is his irrational fixation against former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo whom he has blamed not only for his years of incarceration but also all the problems in the country.

My old chap told me that Trillanes has purportedly bad-mounted his political patrons, including former senator Jamby Madrigal who funded his TV campaign ads and former president Estrada whom he has even requested free meals and lechon while he was in jail.

Worse is that he has allegedly bad-mouthed no less than President Aquino.

This old chap intimated that when news about President Aquino’s psychological record came out during the height of the 2010 elections, Trillanes reportedly rejoiced and feasted at the news.

It is therefore no big surprise that Trillanes could have really bad-mouthed Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario during his back-channeling volunteer talks with Chinese officials.  And he should lecture us about balance of power!

Who does he think he is?  If he thinks he is better than Secretary Del Rosario in matters of international relations and international law, then he should appoint himself as the chief foreign policy architect of the country.

And now, Trillanes seems to be living up to his name as a perennial coup plotter.  He boasts that he will step up his lonesome efforts to oust Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Perhaps he also dreams of becoming President of the Philippines someday. Dream on!

To many, Trillanes is no gentleman and an officer.  He walked out on Enrile when he was about to be probed for his questionable part in the clandestine talks with Chinese officials.  Running away from such parliamentary interpellations is just plain cowardice.

And lest we also forget Trillanes’ arrogance in the Senate probe that pushed the late Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes, his former superior in the military, to take his own life.

All of these would be remembered of him when the Filipino people choose again their leaders this coming election in May 2013. We will never forget and we will have him accountable by denying him a second term in the Senate.

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