Iba talaga ang atake ni Direk Olivia Lamasan!

THE screenplay for the movie The Mistress, for us, is certainly a one of a kind oeuvre, kudos to the creative wizardry of the duo, director Olivia Lamasan and Vanessa Valdez.

Once again, the moviegoers are treated to dialogues that will surely reverberate in succession to the minds up to the bones of every local movie enthusiast. Take these for instance: “Walang babaeng gustong maging kabit!” emphatically asserted by Bea Alonzo in the movie while exchanging heated dialogues with John Lloyd Cruz.

“I really hate myself for not hating you!” slowly pronounced by Hilda Koronel while her husband in the movie played by Ronaldo Valdez was in his death bed.

“Maraming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin pero hindi ko magawa dahil mahal kita!” thus said Lloydie in one of their crying scenes in the movie.

Inevitably, these one liners will be immortalized just like other dialogues on famous local movies in the past from great script writers at sigurado ring laging magagamit ang mga lines na ito sa mga cinematic moments ng mga couples in real life especially to those people who can identify themselves with the mistress inside the biz or outside the celluloid world and we are sure that there are quite a number of them, Hahaha!

The denouement (film students will surely agree) of The Mistress is unpredictable which in effect becomes more interesting and we don’t want to disrupt the imagination of those people na hindi pa nakapanonood nito kaya hindi na namin ikukuwento whose lap the mistress ends with. Kung sa old rich benefactor or to the chip off the old block.

And even if we were not invited to the strings of press conferences this movie had, as a movie buff, we still would want to endorse this flick to our fellow movie addicts, honestly!


THE supposed libel case of the detained renegade cop, Rizal Allih, against the Golden Couple, Direk Carlo J. Caparas and Tita Donna Villa, didn’t get much attention especially from the entertainment press.

His libel charge is based from the alleged “malicious” depiction of Rizal in the 21 year old movie Arrest Pat- rolman Rizal Allih as the culprit in the death of General Eduardo Batalla.

Direk Carlo just shrugged off his shoulders. In showbiz parlance, deadma lang ang kaso!

The same way, we also hold the position of Direk Carlo. Aside from its antiquity dahil 1991 pa naipalabas ang movie na dapat ay noon pa siya nag-reklamo, it’s very obvious na nagpapapansin lang ang detained cop para mabuksan ulit ang kanyang kaso and in effect ay mabigyan ng merit but sadly, hindi ‘yon ang nangyari.

Anyway, we miss the mega couple because most of the time, they stay in the outskirt of the city away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. But we heard that the classic Angela Mercado will be resurrected soon and we expect their presence once the project is concretized.


VICE Governor Dan Fernando’s warmth is one of his secrets, as we may say so, that he becomes a natural enti- cing and charismatic leader of Bulakenos. VG Dan is also fond of giving service to the people kahit na noong active pa siya bilang artista years back and a lot of production people can attest to his liberality in giving without expecting anything in return.

Sabi nga ng marami, his generosity is without any hesitation and it already changes a lot of indigent’s lives who are forever heavily indebted to him.

Undoubtedly, he is considered as the local hero of the people in Bulacan kaya naman kahit na sinong sikat na artista ang kumalaban sa kanya, head on, will surely find it hard to beat him in any kind of contest, much more in a plebiscite, not in a month of Sundays.

In times when floods in their province occur frequently and earthquakes are imminent, a local hero like VG Dan is, in no doubt, needed by his people and this was proven many times in the past, unlike other political wannabes like Phillip Salvador, who was a no-show on the recent devastating flood brought by Habagat.

People from the province are not nincompoop and they are very much aware of their leaders who are working 24/7 in favor of them and what he does lives forever in their hearts and minds kaya kung gusto talagang tumulong ni Kuya Ipe, it would be better if he would ask some advice from VG Dan.

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