Jennylyn Mercado’s fabulous desirability!

THE entertainment rumor mill is continual about the dogged link-up of Paolo Contis and Jennylyn Mercado.

Oh yes, for countless times, both parties have denied the issue even claiming that Paolo is one of the Godfathers of Jazz so they are pronouncing that the link up is impossible.

But in this business, everything is unpredictable. Anything can actually happen.

If Jennylyn and Paolo’s philandering activity is indeed true, then, it will not come as a bolt from the blue. What’s new?

Of late, it has been said that Jennelyn and Luis Manzano’s relationship is now on the rocks. Nanganganib raw na mag-break ang dalawa dahil sa reverberating issue na ikinasasakit na ng tenga ng anak ng Star for All Season.

Ang sabi, Jen is always the subject of never-ending inquisition of Luis at kung totoo nga ang balitang ito, naku! history just repeats itself.

Hindi ba’t ganito rin ang nangyari sa kanilang dalawa noon ni Dennis Trillo nang pinagtalunan naman nila ang ginawang pagtawaq sa cell phone ni Patrick Garcia kay Jen?

Kung sakaling maghiwalay ang dalawa, well, some good things never last talaga. Hindi nakasu-surprise pero nakapanghihinayang lang!


THE estranged wife of comedian Ariel Villasanta, Ms. Cristina Decena, has apparently moved on without the usual melodrama of separating couples.

Obviously, her concentration and focus over her new furniture business and trading business of signature bags have kept her busy, no more mga crying moments for her right now.

Kaya naman until now, this resilient woman is still standing regardless of the storm she has been through.

When we saw her recently in her Ortigas office, she’s conspicuously glowing donned with her country girl-like fashion that will leave every man in tow salivating. And we are pretty sure, if Ariel will see Madam Cristina that afternoon, she will definitely have his jaw drop and salivate non stop! Hahaha!

Hay naku, Madam Cristina should give a lesson or two sa mga mada-dramang bagets natin na nagha-hibernate kapag nakikipaghiwalay sa kanilang mga papa. We don’t need to name names anymore.

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