JPE is nobody’s lackey – Solon

ZAMBALES Rep. Mitos Magsaysay expressed support for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and said that she believes in the veteran lawmaker’s integrity in upholding his functions in the Senate.

“I think that Senate President Enrile’s track record should speak for itself. And I know that the people have witnessed his independence in his stands on issues and will not believe that he is being influenced by anybody. JPE is nobody’s lackey,” she said.

Rep. Magsaysay said that she does not think that any attempt to unseat the Senate President by casting doubt on his credibility will work because of the respect and solid support of the other senators for Enrile.

“They have tried before to oust Senator Enrile and it has not worked. Senator Enrile has even offered before to step down if his colleagues are unsatisfied with his performance but the senators themselves know that Senator Enrile is doing a good job. I do not believe that he is trying to railroad any measure in the Senate. They are all free thinkers and Senator Enrile has no power over how they will vote. He, being a statesman of many decades understands this and respects this. That is what makes him a great leader.”

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