SHE used to wear torn jeans and a baseball cap with her head up under the hood. This was her usual get-up way back when she was just sixteen years old, an amateur singer hopping from one barangay singing contest to another.

Her former manager thought that it was just a fad. Mahilig daw kasing makiuso noon ang magaling na singer na ito. Then the said manager had a rude awakening along with his talent’s grannie, when they both learned that this singer is not just a ladette but a one hundred percent pure tomboy! Or tivoli, in showbiz parlance.

Here is the story of how her former manager spotted her inclination towards Aiza Seguera’s preferred gender, pasok!

“Mahilig ‘yan sa gimik nu’ng teenager pa siya kaya lagi silang nagtatalo ng kanyang lola. Ako ang nagiging mediator nila noon dahil ako na ang parang itinuturing niyang kuya,” he initiated complete with gestures.

“E, medyo napuno na ‘yata ang alaga ko sa sermon ng kanyang lola kaya ayun, bigla siyang lumayas. Humingi sa akin ng tulong ang kanyang lola kaya tinawagan ko ang kanyang mga kaibigan para hanapin siya.

“Nagulat ako dahil nalaman ko na meron pala siyang girlfriend. Du’n siya tumira sa kanyang syota. Tomboy pala ang alaga ko,” her mentor pronounced.

Perhaps this is the main reason why the team-up of this biritera and the Kapamilya hunk went kaput even if their movie was supported by the huge PR machinery of the big network. Walang spark kaya ayun, nag-flop sa takilya!

Ang drama nga raw noon ng biriterang ito, kunin mo na ang lahat sa kanya, ‘wag lang ang kanyang syotang girl…getz?


JOEL CRUZ perfumery business in Aficionado is the ultimate cash cow as he proves it, once again, by acquiring a Tagaytay mansion in Canyon Woods which costs him a little lesser than two hundred million pesos and honestly, that’s a wow! A huge amount of dough, so to speak!

Surely, The Joel Cruz has pots of money. Haha,ha!

But of course, money doesn’t grow on trees. It is the product of hard work and persistence at lagi ngang kinu- kwento ni Sir Joel na all of the fruits of his labor, e, galing sa pagtitinda niya ng kanyang pabango, which, apparently, happens to be a huge success.

A huge emblem is noticeable in front of his mansion which says The Lord of the Scent Mansion.

Some of the interesting details of his mansion include the chic elevator, his twelve huge guest rooms and his own bedroom which can also be mistaken as a spacious bachelor’s pad, the long table in his dining area, the mini theater, his chandelier which costs him around P1.5M pesos and a lot more.

And why did he build this exceedingly large vacation house?

“It is because we have a big family and I want this mansion to be the place where all of us can reunite in one roof!” the Lord of Scent humbly told us.

What else can we say but, “kelan naman kami puwedeng magbakasyon diyan, chos!”


KUDOS to Sen. Coco Pimentel for landing on the top ten spot on the Senatorial survey as of this early considering the highly controversial rift against the other senator who stole his senatorial seat for years.

Amidst the deliberate wanton destruction of his name, wala pa ring nagawa ang mga black propagandist as the truth emerges and the Filipino people just love what Senator Coco is doing, fighting against the corrupt cheaters in government. Cheats never prosper, ‘di po ba Tita Bing ?

Surely, the entertainment press will be so excited and thrilled to be an audience and have a confab with the charming and engaging senator. Ewan lang namin kung ipapa-off the record ang mga queries about the former beauty queen and his estranged wife, Jewel Mae Labaton. Hahaha!

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