Malabon City now MM’s murder capital

HAVING 17 killings, mostly murders, that occurred in less than 30 days since last month and shockingly and disappointingly as well they remain unsolved up to this day, one can’t be blamed if he describes the serene city of Malabon with a new moniker as murder capital in the National Capital Region.

Of course, the youthful city chief executive Mayor Lenlen Oreta III, who inherited the city’s top post after the demise of equally well-adored and respected Mayor Tito Oreta with whom this writer had special bonding as most of my colleagues share the same thing, wouldn’t accept such ugly tag. Nonetheless he can take a closer look at the “sociable” police chief, that is, Senior Supt. Ferdinand Ampil.

Similarly, the new Metro Manila police czar Chief Supt. Leonardo Espina wouldn’t want such nasty calling to go on without having to address the roots of the problem as City Hall as well as police insiders are in unison in saying that this Col. Ampil must share the brunt as he’s been reportedly known to be always mad at the police officers and police personnel instead on criminals and other lawless elements.

The result as expected is the widespread demoralization among the local lawmen who according to the same insiders are praying hard as they now prefer to be reassigned to other police stations outside the city rather than stay with Ampil who they want to be reshuffled and thrown away to the far-off places like Mindanao where he could fight nose to nose the bandits Abu Sayyaf group.

Of those murders, evident is the use of guns by the attackers, not by mere bladed weapons, which clearly indicates the proliferation of loose firearms in the city and obviously undetected by local authorities due to the apparent lackluster performance of the police chief who has been previously denounced for his alleged snail-pace actions over the worsening cases of robbery-holdups, some said to have transpired near the police headquarters or police community precincts.

Unbelievable and yet real was the attack made by high-powered gun-wielding men who called themselves the “Avatar Group.” They shot to death with their Uzis and .45 cal. pistols four men belonging to an alleged criminal gang called “Bulabog” in Barangay Tonsuya last Sept. 2.

Five days later, the “Avatar” gunmen took the lives of another three men said to be members of the robbery ring called the “Sigue-sigue Sputnik” this time in nearby Barangay Tugatog.

Speculations are rife that these “Avatar” attackers were not mercenaries but actually were like the “vigilantes” out to silence criminals and crooked individuals, including rogue cops and corrupt local government officials.

May that be, the law enforcers must always be on top of the situation but the case is far different in Malabon, the local police, according to the increasing number of terrified and hapless residents, will remain inutile unless the current in-command is sacked and replaced with one who has respect for his men and a tough foe of the bad guys.

How about that, Mayor Lenlen and Gen. Espina?

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