Martial Law victims still struggle for justice, recognition

WHAT is lacking with the upcoming activities on the 40th anniversary of Martial Law, be it on the part of the Aquino government or some human rights groups, is that as if we have finished our struggle for what we have fought for during the dark days of Martial Law but in fact, a number of issues need to be confronted,” said Bonifacio Ilagan, vice-chairperson of Selda.

According to Ilagan, a former political detainee and brother to a desaparecido, Rizalina Ilagan, the 40th year of Martial Law is an event beyond commemoration.

“The Marcos jewels, the missing bank records, the fake claimants and the delisting of original claimants in the class suit against former president Marcos, all these should be faced head on. The problem, however, is that an utter lack of political will by the Noynoy Aquino government to address these issues.”  Ilagan said.

Reacting to reports that the government has yet to decide on the jewels of Imelda Marcos, Ilagan said they are wary that these may fall into the wrong hands again. He cited the case of the missing bank records at the Philippine Veterans Bank of Imelda Marcos’ bank account, believed to be ill-gotten wealth. The account has shrunk from P36.55 million to a little over P1 million despite the garnishment order by the Sandiganbayan.

Ilagan also reiterated that the continued non-passage of the Marcos victims indemnification bill at the Senate is as “equally excruciating as the continuing lack of recognition for all victims of Martial Law.”

The group is set to do another protest rally at Mendiola next week to demand the passage the indemnification bill at the Senate.

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