No more 12-hour duty time for all metro cops

THERE’S wisdom to the latest order of newly-installed National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) director Chief Supt. Leonardo Espina who wants lawmen under his turf or specifically in Metro Manila to be on duty for the full and straight eight hours daily.

Logical as it can be, Gen. Espina rightly thinks that the usual extended duty time that’s 12 hours is actually a clear violation of the existing labor laws which shouldn’t exempt the policemen in the first place since they are public servants too.

This got immediate nod and support from Chief Supt. Antonio Decano of the Northern Police District who says the move will have the station, precincts and unit commanders to be more doubly responsible and accountable to their men.

Gen. Decano says: “The new directive of our NCRPO chief is primarily meant for the policemen to maximize their time to serve the public in a given period that is allowed by law and also give them (policemen) more time for their families and other productive endeavors.”

Under the new set-up, most policemen in the metropolis must be pro-active and not mere reactive, meaning, they must spend most of their eight hours in a day outside patrolling along the streets and mingling with barangay leaders and village watchmen.

Unlike in the current structure, most lawmen stay aimlessly at their respective units for the straight 12 hours just waiting for complaints or calls for response outside.

“This is very wrong,” says the NCRPO chief who insists that most of them must be deployed to the streets because several crimes like killings, carjacking, Akyat-bahay, among others, could have been prevented “if our men are just out there in the field.”

And a police officer should worry no more if he has completed his eight-hour duty time for he can leave the post anytime even if his colleague who’s supposed to take his place has not yet arrived.

Anyway, it’s their immediate superiors who’ll be held accountable under the principle of command responsibility for the lapses and negligence their men will be committing.

OFW Help Desk in Navotas

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the Navotas City government ink a partnership that’s sure to benefit some 12,000 Navoteños who are working abroad with the establishment of the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) Help Desk at the City Hall.

“Our own Overseas Filipino Workers will have now a venue where they can be secured of their rights and benefits as OFWs with the realization of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the local government and OWWA,” says Mayor John Rey Tiangco.

The mayor explains that the Help Desk will give OFWs and their families better access to government services and programs.

Both OWWA and the city government are expected to engage in a massive information drive in order to make the concerned OFWs aware about the program they initiated for their interest and welfare.

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