Pia accuses Enrile of delaying tactics on RH bill

SENATOR Pia Cayetano accused Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of delaying tactics and conditioning the mind of the people that they have not enough time to deliberate on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill.

In her Tweeted message on Monday, Cayetano said the Senate is already in the period of amendments, which only need few session days for deliberation and finally finished plenary debates.

“Beyond that, it’s just delaying tactics,” Cayetano said.

In a radio interview on Sunday, Enrile said the continuation of the deliberations on the measure may be suspended until June next year due to the lengthy deliberations during the period of amendments from individual lawmakers.

He said upcoming congressional breaks may add to the delay of the passage of the measure, backed by the ruling party.

“Considering congressional breaks and the upcoming election, baka pagbalik na namin sa Hunyo. But we will try, we [do not mean] to delay, we will try. We all have the right to present amendments, unless they want to vote us out to stop the amendments  . . . Still we don’t have closure (of the period of amendments) in the Senate,” Enrile said.

However, Cayetano argued that “Whether you are pro-RH bill or anti-RH, wouldn’t you want your Senate to work and vote on this?

“Delaying a bill is so old politics. The people deserve a working Senate. To delay the voting is simply irresponsible and clearly a delaying tactic, ” she said.

“They’re trying to condition the public that there’s no time to finish RH bill,” she said.

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