RA 10175: A Marcosian move

Statement of the Burgos Media Center on the Enactment of ‘Cyber crime prevention act’:

A WEEK before the 40th anniversary of Proclamtion No.1081 also known as Martial law, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III along side with the help of his legislative companions had succesfully eneacted the bill that will “protect “ the filipino netizens from the cybercriminals which is the Cybercrime bill .

But this tricky move of the Aquino Administration could lead to the invasion of the Filipino netizens’ rights to privacy as well as the takedown of websites without a court warrant reviving the marcosian style of putting puppet strings on the media.

The presence of decayed idea of libel in the crimes enlisted in the billl may use to attack not only the cyberpress members but also to the progressive netizens like activists and political bloggers.

Through this law, the Trapos can now easily file charges against ‘critics by claiming that cyber journalist have threatened their life and property.

It proves that PNoy and his legislative mills had chosen to disrespect the 2011 declaration of United Nations Human Rights Committe that the Philippine libel law is colossal because of the penalization and imprisonment which is contrary to the human rights protocol in which the Philippines is also one of the asignatory.

This desperate move of the current administration to scapegoat the mass media and its critics had finally made to its peak. Also, the Data processing act that limits the people to access the information will become more monstrous if you tied up with this so called “prevention act”.

Two years of PNoy as president had made us a promise of having a safe society for journalists. But why does being a member of a press be synonymous with risk at the cost of one’s precious life? If PNoy is really dedicated for eradicating the culture of Impunity in the country, where are the concrete actions for these cases and most of all where is the THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION .

Please do not use the clamour on the issues on child pornography, cyber bullying and identical theft. We are sick and tired of the “tirang pikon litanies” of many government officials.

In solidarity with the bloggers, netizens and the Filipino masses OUR struggle continues.

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