Robredo’s legacy

A LOT of politicians were upset by the late Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo because of his straightforward governance and down to earth lifestyle. Consequently he failed to get the nod of the powerful Commission on Appointments for his appointment as department secretary.

Robredo’s leadership and lifestyle is surely a slap against traditional politicians (trapos). His was a tough act to follow for he is the “anti-thesis” of trapos who love to flaunt their wealth and power. He proved to the people that one could be a public servant without trapo trappings, one could lead without becoming a warlord.

Prior to Robredo’s enlightened example of leadership, the people are used to politicians who got elected into office without any real qualification except a famous name or affiliation to a powerful family. These politicians usually morphed into a trapo sooner or later with nothing in mind but personal interest.

It is not surprising therefore that these mutated political animals would want to stay in power ad infinitum hence the rise of political dynasties especially in the provinces, although Metro Manila is not immune to this nauseating practice.

Robredo showed there is another approach, the straightforward way in governance. He raised the bar of governance to new heights. It was this honesty and daring that got the trapos furious.

Not only that, Robredo proved that he was a capable leader. He brought Naga out of bankruptcy and made it a first class city when he was at its helm as mayor. He earned more than 100 awards because of this feat, including the highly coveted Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Yet despite the accolades, Robredo remained humble and true to himself. After his mayoralty term ended in 1998, he did not anoint his wife or any other relative to replace him. Instead he went abroad to study more about public governance. In 2001, he was reelected mayor of his beloved Naga and remained in office until 2010 when he was plucked by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to be a member of his cabinet as DILG secretary.

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I hope that my short article about Robredo answered the Julio Villafuerte’s query in his Twitter page as to what are Robredo’s accomplishments as he wondered why so much fuss about his (Robredo) death.

Julio is a scion of the powerful Villafuerte clan from Camarines Sur. He is the grandson of Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Villafuerte Sr., son of Camarines Sur Gov. Luis Ray Villafuerte Jr., and brother of Migz Villafuerte who is reportedly being groomed to replace his father who already reached his gubernatorial term limit.

Rep. Villafuerte was reportedly behind the failure of Robredo to get the CA confirmation.

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