Solon wants to declare as ineligible presidential nominees by-passed thrice by CA

PRESIDENTIAL nominees by-passed for three consecutive instances should be declared as “ineligible” by the Commission on Appointments, according to a lawmaker.

Rep. Angelo Palmones (Party-list, Agham) filed House Bill 6365, which seeks to limit to three times the re-appointment of Presidential nominees by-passed by the Commission. The bill was originally filed by then Senator Benigno S. Aquino III during the 14th Congress.

“It has been observed that nominees by-passed by the CA were again re-appointed by the President and allowed to continue performing functions which should be carried out by CA-confirmed officials,” Palmones said.

Palmones said such practice is almost synonymous to “abuse of Presidential authority”, and indirectly mocks the purpose for which the CA was created, partly due to lack of a clear policy or law.

The 1987 Constitution, Palmones recalled, vested upon the President the power of appointing the heads of the executive departments and other key leaders of the country with the end goal of protecting the interest of the public.

“Moreover, our fundamental law created the Commission on Appointments to confirm all Presidential nominees who shall occupy key government posts,” he added.

Likewise, to ensure that nominees or appointees possess the qualifications required by the positions, the constitution provides for the mechanism or the power to scrutinize and validate qualification as well as to finally confirm Presidential nominees thru
the CA.

“This upholds the Commission’s policy statement that the powers vested in it by the Constitution shall be discharged with only one compelling motive, which is the efficient and harmonious functioning of the government,” Palmones said.

The bill is now under consideration by the House Committee on Revision of Laws.

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