Solons propose creation of national teacher academies

TWO lawmakers are proposing the creation of national teacher academies to encourage and facilitate entry of individuals especially the talented ones into the teaching profession.

Rep. Diosdado Macapagal Arroyo (2nd District, Camarines Sur) and and his mother, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2nd District, Pampanga) filed House Bill 6492 which authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd) to make grants to eligible recipients to establish and operate national teacher academies.

The bill defines eligible recipient as an institution of higher education; a private nonprofit educational organization of demonstrated effectiveness or a combination of the institutions or organizations.

The Arroyos believe there is a need to bring talented individuals into the teaching profession to greatly enhance the quality of our education and produce top quality students in the process.

“The Constitution is very clear in mandating the government to give priority to education among others, to foster patriotism and nationalism and as such, much is expected from the teaching profession
since they have a significant role in the molding of our youth,” Arroyo said.

Under the bill, a national teacher academy shall be established in each of the subject areas commonly taught in elementary and secondary schools such as Basic skills and literacy instruction; Civics and
government, National Writing Project and Mathematics.

Likewise, there shall be a national teacher academy for Foreign languages; History, geography and sociology; Economics; Life sciences and Physical sciences as well as the arts, including art, music, and
the performing arts.

The bill provides that academy staff shall be selected from the most accomplished and prominent scholars in the relevant fields of study and in the methodologies which prepare persons to teach in such fields
of study.

Eligible applicants who have demonstrated expertise in the subject area of the national teaching academy to be established and operated and in-service  training of teachers shall be awarded grants by the
Secretary as stipulated under the measure.

The duration of grant to establish and operate a national teacher academy shall be for a period of five years and is renewable.

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