Stop protecting Puno – solon

ZAMBALES Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that President Aquino should stop protecting Undersecretary Rico Puno and give newly designated DILG Secretary Mar Roxas room to deal with the department.

In earlier reports, Secretary Roxas said that the President has given him free hand to run the DILG but the surfacing of General Bartolome’s name as the President’s choice for Puno’s replacement negates this statement.

“If PNoy has appointed Mar as head of the agency, then why is he still the one who calling the shots? What kind of leadership is he granting Roxas when he is not given leave to reorganize the agency? With PNoy eyeing the appointment of General Bartolome as Puno’s replacement, without giving Roxas the opportunity to choose who he is confident to work with, what type of signal is he sending out?”

Magsaysay also pointed out earlier media reports pointing to Mar Roxas’s’ camp as those behind the investigation of Puno, which puts Roxas and Puno at opposing camps.

“With all these allegations being made and investigations done by Robredo before his plane crash, bottom line, the buck stops with the President,” she said. “He must act accordingly and hold Puno accountable for his actions, mainly his alleged attempts to secure documents from the office and condo unit of the former secretary. Let him answer the questions and stop sheltering him from the controversy. He is a public official and therefore accountable to the people, even if he is the President’s buddy.”

“With constant statements to the media about his trust in Puno, he is showing his partiality to his friend instead of supporting the move of Roxas to hold Puno accountable for his actions at the DILG which is the logical thing to do. This in the long run, affects Roxas’s authority to lead the agency at this crucial time.”

“Political infighting within the members of the administration should not impede operations within the DILG. There is more to these issues that meet the eye and the public should be vigilant about how this turns out. The investigations made by Robredo before he passed away should be a challenge to this administration to walk the talk and reveal not hide what was in those reports,” she said.

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