Tigbakan ng shows, nauuso!

GENOCIDE is what the production staff on TV5 aptly describe the scenario inside the said TV network, be it entertainment or news and public affairs program. Meaning, there is indeed a deliberate widespread extermination of shows inside the stonewall of the network.

Certainly, there is no need to explain as we would like to state the obvious that the teleserye in Kapatid network are rapidly decreasing in numbers and almost all of the programs are already canned, duh! Puro Koreano-vela which are, without a doubt, way much cheaper if compared to producing a new local teleserye with popular stars who demand sky-rocketing talent fees.

Same goes with the News and Public Affairs program because it is quite noticeable na nawala na ang iba pang mga interesting shows and changed it with the monopoly of Luchie Cruz Valdez news programs. Package deal nga naman ang bayad dahil bukod sa siya na ang head ng department, siya pa rin ang talent which according to some of the desk editors in the department, e, hindi dapat mangyari dahil conflict of interest nga naman ang pagiging head ng department at ang pagiging talent.

It is quite apparent that being the head of the department, you should be more focused on administrative work and strategies for trafficking and programming while being the talent is just being in front of the camera and be glamorous.
We can’t blame the production staff who were pirated from channels 2 and 7 if they are currently grieving with disappointment dahil patay na ang mga programang kanilang pinagtatrabahuan.

Perhaps it is because the higher-ups of TV5 controlled their budget for this coming year, hence, a cost cutting measure was observed.

This info is coming from an insider who is contemplating on going back to his old network because he needs to work in order to survive and thought that he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a good production job in TV5 again. Hay buhay nga naman.


SURELY, having chosen as a youth advocate of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control project of the National Youth Commission is not on the master plan of this popular actor Derrick Monasterio. Why?

Because our intel, who happens to be one of the dabarkads of Derrick, swears to high heavens that the young actor used to be his tsongki mate. Madalas daw silang humithit ng Marijuana way back, nu’ng hindi pa sikat si Derrick.

At the façade, he might conform to the upmost requirement of being a youth advocate of drug prevention who will represent the project as the typical Filipino youth and a popular young actor at the same time in his genre.  But looking back at his dark past, mukhang matindi raw ang involvement ng Kapuso actor sa pagtyo-tyong ki.

However, as the old saying goes, let’s catch a break for Derrick. What our intel is pronouncing might be true but let’s go easy on him at this stage as he might be improved by his experiences.

Baka nga naman tuluyan na niyang inabandona ang pagda-drugs and he is now a reformed person. Sana nga!


WITH her excellent strategy of playing her cards right, certainly, actress turned model and currently, a philanthropist, Ina Alegre has hit the homerun.

Also, being the matriarch of the notable Comguild Center for Journalism and put her shoulder to the wheel, the company who gives series of estimable conferences for college students is now widely appreciated by the aca- deme.

Just recently, Comguild had just finished a commendable seminar and conference for Journalism students nation- wide for the umpteenth time which was attended by far-famed personalities in broadcasting industry like Mel Tiangco and Ted Failon.

As of the moment, Ina is focused on her initial campaign in Pola, Mindoro as she is gunning for the mayoralty post in the place where EJ Falcon and Kabayan Noli de Castro came from. This time, Ina’s kababayan in Pola shouldn’t back the wrong horse gaya ng nangyari last election.

Anyway, break a leg, Madam Ina Alegre!

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