Villar wants a probe on child prostitution in internet

LAS PIÑAS CITY Rep. Mark Villar (Lone District) has called for a congressional inquiry into the activity of criminal syndicates using the Internet and cyber technology in child prostitution.

In filing House Resolution 2533, Villar also urged the police authorities to run after the pimps and syndicates behind the illegal activities.

Villar said the Philippines has numerous cases of children who are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

“Various syndicates have been arrested but were not prosecuted. Many of them were out on bail and could be pursuing their illegal activities again,” Villar said.

Villar said one of the ways to fight child pornography is to lookout for the signs of grooming or the actions taken by an adult to prepare a child for sexual relations.

“Grooming could be done either by online enticement or by solicitation to lure a child to meet for sexual relations and exposing children to pornography,” Villar said.

Villar said the wide access of children on the use of internet and various websites could lead to grooming of children after an accident or intentional opening of a site eventually resulting in child pornography if used irresponsibility by their parents or guardian.

There is a need to strengthen the existing laws protecting women and children from sexual exploitation, Villar said.

Villar cited Republic Act 9775 otherwise known as the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 and Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection for Children Against Exploitation and Discrimination Act.

“The objective of the bill is wipe out the criminal syndicates behind prostitution and ensure that women and children’s right are respected and to craft necessary legislation to strengthen the existing laws,” Villar said.

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