Welcome si Philip kay VG Daniel Fernando!

BELIEVE it or not but this young actress is just fifteen years old, being born in the year 1997. And at the age of adolescence, usually, crushes and puppy loves are the customary topics when the subject is being interviewed her case, her opulent benefactor and her sexual overtures among men are the main focus of discussion.

And why is this so? Perhaps it is written on her astrological sign as a Scorpion. It has been said that persons born under the sign of Scorpio are street smart, hot in bed, and usually flirts openly. The young actress was born sometime in November and the signs are manifesting at an early stage for her. Hahaha!

We are stating all these astrological facts because of late, na-involve raw ang young actress sa isang DJ and in effect, naputol raw ang tinatangap niyang malaking monthly allowance sa kanyang mayamang benefactor. Aba, e, swak na swak naman po ang sinasabi ng kanyang star sign, that certainly fits her to a T! Hahaha!

Now, our nosy parker intel told us that she keeps on sending messages to her alleged obliger apologizing for what had happened between her and the DJ and begs for predisposed forgiveness pero pakipot pa raw si Mokong. Hindi pa raw nagre-reply.

Remember, he who pays the piper calls the tune. Si benefactor ang nagbibigay ng allowance kaya dapat ay siya ang masunod kaya siguro konting lambing pa ang kailangan para mag-reply na si sir at tanggapin ang sorry. Hehehe!


VICE Governor Dan Fernando of Bulacan is humility personified as he open his arms for veteran actor Phillip Salvador, a political wannabe of the said province, and announced that the latter can still go straight to the former if he sincerely still wants to serve their kababayans even if the local COMELEC officially blocked his candidacy.

‘Kabilib talaga si VG Dan dahil kahit na kinalaban siya ni Kuya Ipe and was, in fact, planning a head-on collision, the well-rounded vice governor said in a lowly voice na welcome pa rin si Kuya Ipe sa kanyang opisina so they can have a tete-a-tete and work on a common goal, which is to serve the people of Bulacan. That is, kung talagang sincere si “mentor” na pagsilbihan ang mga Bulakenyo kahit na ni-reject na ng COMELEC ang kanyang application dahil sa kanyang phoney residency.

His humble gesture and act of modesty are the main reason why he has the utmost respect of his kababayan and wins the heart of every constituent. May your tribe increase, VG.


SOME say that a pure rakista has to live with drug, sex and violence or else, you will be called a phoney rocker. Pagtatawanan ka lang daw ng mga purist.

The new rock empress Paula Bianca believes otherwise. According to Paula, rock is a form of music and if a singer feels that rock genre is in her heart and soul, then you don’t have to be wasted in order for you to be called a pure rocker.

Gone were the days where rockers need to be a rebel, a drug user or an alcohol addict. In this generation, the performance, the song and the interpretation are being given an emphatic prominence para masabing nasa rock genre ang isang singer.

“Being called a fake rocker by my friends is actually my dilemma but my dad keeps on saying na ‘wag kong pansinin ‘yon and I just need to follow what my heart desires.

“The truth is, when I saw Bryan Adams perform in a concert on TV, na-in love na ako agad sa rock and roll. That started my research and I became an instant fan. Sinundan ko na ang lahat ng sikat na rockers from the past including my idols, Guns n’ Roses.

“I just want to perform like them on stage, the sea of people rocking and listening to my music while I am spearheading all the fun through my performance. That is what I visualize myself as a rocker!” emphasized Paula as we talk to her.

True enough this young lady who loves boy group way back knows the rock history from A to Z. Name all the rock royalties from the past and you can have it straight from her tongue.

We wish Paula all the luck because we can see in her eyes her enthusiasm to be known as a female rock artist. Break a leg, girl!

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