Aquino gov’t abetting oil companies’ profiteering – Anakpawis

ANAKPAWIS Partylist striked at the latest oil price adjustment imposed by oil companies. The P0.70 per liter hike in gasoline, P0.030 per liter increase in diesel and P0.20 additional per liter of kerosene is the latest in almost weekly oil price hikes implemented by Shell, Petron, Chevron, Total, Phoenix and other oil companies.

Anakpawis members trooped to Times St. in Quezon City today to bring the issue of excessive oil price hikes at the President’s doorstep.

“These unending hikes are inhumane and immoral. The corporate greed of the oil cartel and the government’s condoning of oil companies’ profiteering must stop,” said Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano.

“We condemn this ‘not-so-secret affair’ between the Aquino government and the oil cartel. By saying that every oil price hike is justified, the Department of Energy (DoE) proudly acts as an apologist of oil companies.”

“President Noynoy Aquino has turned a blind eye on the peoples clamor against oil price hikes. Instead of heeding the strong public outcry to stop oil price hikes that automatically results to increasing prices of food, basic goods and utilities, the government, through the National Statistical and Coordination Board (NSCB) ridiculously lowered its poverty standards to hide the real state of domestic hunger and poverty incidence.”

According to the NSCB, a family of five only needs P172 a day for food requirements. “With the skyrocketing prices of food and other daily needs, P172 is far from enough to buy food for a day for a family of five.”

“We challenge DoE officials, Cabinet members and even President Aquino to try living only on P172 per day,” said Mariano.

The solon since July, petroleum products have increased by an average of P4 per liter.

“Oil companies are bleeding the consumers dry and the government is abetting the profiteering of oil companies. Our demand to the President is urgent – stop oil price hikes, remove the Value Added Tax on petroleum products and scrap the Oil Deregulation Law that only allowed unabated oil price adjustments and profiteering of oil companies.”

Anakpawis will lead a weekly noise barrage against high oil prices and the government’s inaction on price hikes.

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