Aquino’s human rights record speaks for itself – Anakpawis

ANAKPAWIS Rep. Rafael Mariano said the culture of impunity prevailed under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III and failed to resolve cases of human rights violations committed by the previous administration.

Mariano said this is in reaction to the President’s statement defending his administration’s human rights record. “Aquino tolerated state-sponsored violence and military atrocities against civilians. On record, there had been more than 115 documented cases of extra judicial killings, majority of the victims are farmers, journalists and activists. Inhumane and violent demolitions persist.

“Aquino’s human rights record certainly speaks for itself,” the solon said.

Asked by reporters in New Zealand to comment on leftist groups criticizing his record, Aquino said that these groups are “very good at propaganda.”

“Instead of dispensing justice, Aquino is only bent on justifying this bloody record with smug retorts,” Mariano said.

“Aquino has emboldened perpetrators of rights violations with such arrogant remarks – verbal attacks against human rights defenders and red-tagging against his critics that actually reflect this administration’s vicious and repressive policies.”

“He has refused to dismantle paramilitary groups and openly condoned the use of state military troops to protect foreign interests. This kind of endorsement has led to the massacre of a B’laan family opposing the X-Strata mining operations in Tampakan,” Mariano added.

“Out of their desperation to deodorize persisting state violence and rights abuses, the President and his talking heads have engaged in an all-out vilification campaign against government critics. Aquino’s reckless comments will not absolve him from anything. It only exposes his brand of arrogant leadership and line of haciendero thinking.”

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